URI Defends Professor Who Said It’s Moral To Murder Trump Supporters, Fires Cop’s Wife For Posting Thin Blue Line Flag


This is URI History professor Erik Loomis.

As you can see from his unbuttoned shirt and sports jacket, as well his the undeserved smug look of self-satisfaction, he is a horrible person.

Fox NewsA Rhode Island professor with a history of incendiary comments against conservatives is under fire this week for appearing to suggest that the fatal shooting of a Patriot Prayer supporter during unrest in Portland last month was morally justified. The comment from Erik Loomis, a history professor at the University of Rhode Island, came in response to a comment on his blog post: “Why Was Michael Reinoehl Killed?” The post questioned whether police deliberately “murdered” 48-year-old Michael Reinoehl, the man who fatally shot Aaron “Jay” Danielson on Aug. 29, the night Trump supporters clashed with backers of Black Lives Matter in Portland.

“I am extremely anti-conspiracy theory. But it’s not a conspiracy theory at this point in time to wonder if the cops simply murdered him,” Loomis wrote. “The police is shot through with fascists from stem to stern. They were openly working with the fascists in Portland, as they were in Kenosha which led to dead protestors.”

By “fascists,” Loomis is ostensibly referring to Trump supporters and members of Patriot Prayer, a group founded by conservative activist and former Washington Senate candidate Joey Gibson. The group has been portrayed by the mainstream media and the Southern Poverty Law Center as a far-right hate group, though Gibson has denied this characterization. Last week, law enforcement officers investigating Danielson’s death fatally shot Reinoehl after locating him in Lacey, Wash. Earlier that day, Portland police had obtained a second-degree murder warrant for Reinoehl in connection with Daniel’s death.

“Michael Reinoehl is the guy who killed the fascist in Portland last week,” Loomis wrote on his Sept. 4 blog post. “He admitted it and said he was scared the cops would kill him. Well, now the cops have killed him.”

In the comments section, a reader appeared to challenge Loomis’ defense of Reinoehl, writing: “Erik, he shot and killed a guy.”

Loomis responded: “[Reinoehl] killed a fascist. I see nothing wrong with it, at least from a moral perspective.”

He then compared Reinoehl to John Brown, the radical abolitionists who in the mid-19th century advocated for more violent tactics to eradicate slavery in the United States. After receiving some online scrutiny, Loomis followed up with another blog post on Wednesday in which he insisted he wouldn’t be intimidated by so-called “fascists” trying to “cancel him.”

For a guy who claims to not like fascists he looks like every guy I’ve seen in a history book attending a Hitler rally. And if you send your kid to URI you’re paying him a six figure salary to brainwash them into believing that murderers are good people, so long as they kill Trump supporters. The man Michael Reinoehl killed in Portland was stalked and murdered in cold blood before trying to kill cops when he was placed under arrest. And this guy who has never left the isolated world of academia is teaching impressionable young students that he is somehow comparable to an abolitionist who was sentenced to death for trying to free slaves.

The fact that any history professor could be that ignorant of history should be disqualifying in and of itself. In any other job if you posted something like that you’d be canned, but the Rhode Island Board of Trustees is saying it’s free speech because he said it on his own time.

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They discussed it at the 1:32:15 mark of this video.

“Mr. Loomis’ opinions are his own and do not reflect the cornerstone values of the University of Rhode Island.”

Newsflash – when you’re an employee of a company what you say on your own time on social media always represents your employer. Welcome to grownup world 101 on the on the Interwebz.

But URI doesn’t actually care about free speech. If this guy wrote the n word online or said, “all lives matter” he’d be fired yesterday. The fact of the matter is that controversial speech is protected, as long as it’s radical left wing speech that advocates for violence.

Meanwhile URI canned a woman named Claire Marcille Gadrow for posting “offensive” things about BLM after an anonymous twat on Twitter posted screenshots. These controversial posts included pointing out that BLM frequently is the cause of violent riots, George Floyd should not be glorified, and police lives matter.

It should be noted too that her husband is a cop, but because some loser found a thin blue line flag offensive Claire was fired from her position on the URI Foundation, which does endowments and grants. Her sister recently donated $1 million to the school. This is how they repay her.

At this point you’re almost an idiot if you send your kid to college. On top of being a horrible return on investment, they also employ people who will teach your kids that it’s OK to murder people you don’t like, while firing people who point out facts that make certain people uncomfortable.


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