US Women’s Soccer Team Losing To Canadian Team With A Non-Binary Player Named Quinn Makes Defeat Double Enjoyable


Sometimes bad things do happen to bad people.

I’ve never rooted against America before, but the U.S. Women’s Soccer team has been making me do that since World Cup 2019. When you politicize sports you can’t expect the people you’re taking a dump on to root for you just because we live in the same country, especially when you talk about how much you hate our country every time the camera is on you.

America isn’t a perfect country, no nation is. But we are the only country in the world where athletes now routinely take the opportunity to virtue signal about how bad their naion is every time they’re on the international stage.

You can argue that other countries are taking a knee too, including both teams the US lost to (Sweden and Canada).

But when they do it they’re not protesting racism and police brutality in their country; they’re protesting racism and police brutality in America, which apparently only exists here. Kneeling all started with Kaepernick, who was protesting alleged racism in AMERICAN police departments. And that is the message being sent every time Americans take a knee on the international stage – America is a uniquely unsafe place to live for black people, but we’re working on it by taking a knee.

But it’s not just the kneeling that makes them so unlovable. It’s the fact that they team is nothing more than an elitist group of privileged white girls who bully and intimidate their own teammates when they disagree with them. Two years ago Jaelene Hinkle was banished from the team for not wanting to wear Pride themed jerseys because she objected to it on religious grounds. I don’t object to Pride on religious grounds, I object to it because it’s nothing more than another left wing political action group that comes in a rainbow colored trojan horse. But the players on the team, led by the backup goalie, made it clear that Hinkle’s political opinions were not welcomed on THEIR team (which is supposed to be America’s team) therefore she could not represent her country.

They’ve created a culture where players are scared and intimidated to criticize BLM and other left wing political organizations like Pride. They tell people like Hinkle that they are intolerant as they refuse to tolerate her religious beliefs and political opinions. This group of rich white girls who got to where they are because their mommies and daddies could afford to send them to the finest soccer camps as kids, told a black girl that she wouldn’t “fit in with our pack,” because only people who hate this country can represent it.¬†They aim to unite everyone by kicking people out who don’t agree with them, and making half the country root for whoever is playing the US that week.

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Anyway, as great as it was to see them lose it was even more awesome to find out that Canada had a “transgender” human on their team who uses “they/them” pronouns and just goes by one name – Quinn.

Side note – I wanted to name my son Quinn, but I was told by several people that it was a girl’s name. I still disagree. Quinn is a boy’s name, but this gender fluid situation certainly doesn’t strengthen my case.

I thought this was hilarious at first because I thought our woke soccer team lost to a dude and wouldn’t be able to complain about it because doing so violates the woke agenda. But as it turns out Quinn is just a chick who got the Rapinoe regular haircut.

And she’s not really “transgender,” she’s “non-binary.” Conveniently this means you can play on boys or girls teams since you haven’t officially disavowed either yet. So although she is not any gender, she can still play for a gendered team. This all makes tons of sense.

Funny how there are so many male athletes who “transist” to female, but I can’t seem to find any world class men’s teams with biological women on them. Almost as if sex is a real biological thing that gives men certain advantages over women. So although there’s really no advantage to Quinn playing on the Canadian women’s team since she was always a woman, it’s still unintentionally hilarious and scary that people treat the transgender agenda like it’s anything other than a mental illness.


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