Vicious Chicopee High School Cafeteria Fight Broken Up By Resource Officer, Principal Uses Incident To Push For Banning Cell Phones In School


A primary goal of black lives matter was to remove resource officers from public schools because it was racist, or something. Kids should be able to fight and the 65 year old schoolmarm with a bad hip should be the one to break them up. Luckily they have not done that at Chicopee High School, where a resource officer was immediately able to respond to these vicious beat down in the cafeteria.

Those girls weren’t wearing masks! Someone could’ve gotten hurt! Hopefully they were vaccinated.

Are there any females out there who can fight without immediately resorting to hair pulling? They did the London Bridge for a brief moment, but in an instant one of them was getting the hoodrat helicopter across the table. Next thing you know the poor girl was flailing like a fish out of water.


The teacher at the beginning tried to break them up but obviously couldn’t do so because she didn’t get her masters degree in MMA.

I used to like to break up fights when I was a teacher because it was an adrenaline rush, and it really broke up the day. Plus, the kids gain a lot of respect for you when you do. But I was also in my 20’s and didn’t really care if I got hurt. But most teachers didn’t sign up for that, and it’s not their job to break up fights. Luckily police are trained to deal with this, so the fight ended within 15 seconds and no one got hurt except a couple future teen moms from the wrong side of the tracks.

Principal Carol Kruser sent out an email afterwards to parents that mostly blamed the incident on cell phones.

Ummm, the kids involved in this fight did what they did because they were probably raised by guttermuppets with no values. I’m fully in agreement that kids have an unhealthy addiction to their phones, but what happened here is a crisis of parenting, and that problem will continue to be ignored. Instead we’ll blame it on cell phones.

I’m torn on this one. Chicopee High School was in the news last week because they wanted to become the first high school to ban cell phones, and I agree with that in spirit. Kids survived for centuries without having cell phones in schools. From my experience kids use phones to cheat on tests (they take pictures of the questions and send it to kids in other classes), they’re constantly trying to hide it while you’re teaching a lesson (and doing a really shitty job at it), and 99.9% of the time they’re wasting their time on Snapchat.

On the other hand it was the most unwinnable battle you could fight as a teacher, and every kid did it. The school policy was that if you saw a kid on their phone you told them to bring it to the office and they kept it there until the end of the day. But I felt bad getting good kids in trouble so I’d pretend I didn’t see it or tell them to put it away. Literally every kid has a phone, and they all use them in school.

These kids all possess tools at the tip of their fingers that are more powerful than the Encyclopedia Brittanica we had to rely on, but they just have no idea that it can be a useful gadget for learning. They pretty much think phones exist so they can explore the world of duck faced selfies, IG filters, and porn. You have to show them that phones are portals for information that can answer any question they have in their head. So instead of trying to keep them from using their phones I embraced it in class and I’d have them research whatever it was we were talking about that day.

The plan at Chicopee is to have kids lock their phones up in electronic pouches at the beginning of the day.

With the help of Yondr, a California-based company, students would each receive a pouch to magnetically lock their phones up while at school.

We sat down with Kruser to find out how it works.

“They would come in, they would show the administrator that their phone is turned off, they put it in the pouch and then the magnet locks it,” Kruser noted.

Which seems like a dumb idea, because if I was a kid I would just tell the principal I didn’t have my phone on me and then start making Tik Toks in the bathroom. I think the solution is to just let them go on their phones during lunch and leave it up to the teacher’s discretion in the classroom.

Kids having cell phones can also be very useful in order to:

  • Document communist teachers brainwashing them with critical race theory. Sorry, I don’t trust a lot of teachers right now considering their union is led by hardcore communists. Teachers are public servants, just like cops. And when cops go on calls everyone is filming them with a cell phone. Why are teachers different?
  • Film world star calibar ratchet fights. Videos like this are important not just because it’s fun to watch junior hoodboogers pull each other’s hair, but because you have to see this stuff with your own eyes to understand why we need resource officers in schools.
  • Text their parents. I understand that back in the day kids could go to the main office to call Mom and Dad, but when my kid is in high school and I need to get the word to him that I have to pick him up after school for a doctor’s appointment it’s a lot easier for me to just send him a text.

So yea, I agree with the spirit of what the school is doing, but this fight had nothing to do with cell phones and everything to do with bad parenting.



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