Victim Of Boston Stabbing Starts GoFundMe, Claims He Was Victim Of Anti-Gay Hate Crime, Woman Sought In Connection Is Deadbeat Mom Who Says She’s Innocent In Recorded Phone Call


The Boston Police are looking for two individuals in connection with a stabbing that occurred in Southie on December 18.

Check all the local buffets. She couldn’t have gone far.

Right around the time the cops put this out there the victim made a GoFundMe page and claimed, without evidence, that he was the victim of an anti-gay hate crime.

The cops made it clear that there was no evidence it was a hate crime.

“This situation is very traumatic for me,” Crumbley said during a phone interview with NewsCenter 5. “I was attacked by two males who stabbed me in my neck and stabbed me in my stomach, and left me pretty much for dead. They didn’t try to rob me or anything.”

Crumbley believes he was attacked because he is gay, but Boston police are not yet identifying the stabbing as a hate crime.

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It definitely looks like he was stabbed, and he’s raised over $15K, but I feel like getting stabbed alone should be good enough reason to start a GFM. Why throw in the fake hate crime aspect of it? Unless of course it leads to media headlines and more shares of the GFM, which it did.

Sometimes people get stabbed, but it’s usually for a reason. The victim wants us to believe that they knew he was gay just by looking at him, and decided to stab him solely because of that. He also said he was stabbed by 2 males, but the cops are looking for a male and his pet walrus. I’m not saying he’s a scammer, because he definitely got stabbed, but none of this adds up.

Anyway, the woman the cops are looking for sure looks a lot like this hefalump.

Emily Nee, AKA Emily Ibrahim, is a train wreck from Boston who lost her son to the state a few years ago after letting him play in traffic. The kid was luckily adopted out, but she still posts pictures of him all the time on her Facebook page and probably thinks she’s getting him back one day when she finally gets her shit together.

She also tried her hand at becoming a pop star, but it didn’t work out for obvious reasons.

A turtle rider recognized her, contacted her on Facebook, and Gumzilla offered to call her to chat. The turtle rider declined, but Gumzilla agreed to speak with a friend of her’s who recorded the conversation, in which she says that she dindu nuffin, that the gay guy got into a fight with her unnamed male companion, and that she fought the woman the gay guy was with, who she believes stabbed him.

“He came up to us and them two ended up getting into it cuz he swung on him. They ended up fighting or whatever, I don’t know if he was already stabbed when that happened. But then after they left. I got into it with the female though. I ended up fighting her. That’s exactly what I told the police cuz that’s all I know.”

“They were arguing or whatever, I figured that he was hitting on her, but maybe she was hitting on him. I don’t know. But I figured that was his girlfriend or something, but now everyone’s saying he’s gay so I don’t know.”

So who stabbed him?

“Probably her, I have no idea. Wasn’t when I was there.”

“People are saying we’re animals and this and that. I didn’t do anything wrong, so.”

“they asked if I knew he was gay, I was like how am I supposed to know he’s gay, did he tell me?”

Few things here:

  1. The fact that she’s opening up to a complete stranger about a stabbing in which she is wanted for questioning is amazing.
  2. Her story completely contradicts what the victim said about two men and it being a hate crime.
  3. The fact that she just randomly fights chicks in Southie on the way home from her job at Walgreens is so ratchet it hurts.
  4. Her “I don’t know if he was stabbed yet and the bitch I fought probably did it anyway” story is the least believable story I’ve ever heard

Then she added this story about her “husband” being stabbed but refusing to snitch on the people who stabbed him, for no other reason except to establish the fact that if you hang out with her you’re statistically much more likely to be stabbed.

“I witnessed my husband being stabbed like that.They never caught the guy cuz my husband doesn’t wanna say nothing. I’m not a snitch type shit. That’s how he is.”

Her “husband” looks EXACTLY like the kind of guy who would refuse to snitch on the men who stabbed him, and the kind of guy who would impregnate a woman whose teeth were slowly being swallowed by her gums like high tide at Hampton Beach.

They may not have their son, but they’ll always have that romantic dinner at Applebees to remember.

They need to hang this picture in the Louvre.

It’s iconic.

I won’t pretend to know what happened that night. All I know is that it wasn’t a hate crime, Emily Nee herself claims to be the person the cops are looking for, and nothing anyone says makes any sense at all because clearly everyone involved in this ratchet affair is a liar.


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