Victor Oliveira Ignored Homeless Man He Exploited For Tik Tok Content After Offering Fake Job, Posts Followup Video Getting Called Out, Accuses Victim Of Lying 


Earlier in the week we published a blog about a business owner named Victor Oliveira, who calls himself The Good Boss, and opened up a nonprofit that was supposed to help drug addicted people get help. Victor made a name for himself and built up his following on Tik Tok by posting staged videos of himself giving money to his employees and forcing homeless people to spin a wheel to see what kind of help he would give them.

Until our blog he received nothing but positive press, which gave him legitimacy.

Barstool Sports has since removed their interview with him, in which Victor was praised for the work he has allegedly done, because they know they got scammed.

Victor has been able to solicit hundreds of thousands, if not millions of dollars, which he seems to have no accounting of. He also hired a convicted criminal and well known scam artist named Mike Bates to be his business partner.

Here is a text message Mike sent one of the people they were pretending to help named Steele Walker, in which he tells Walker he’s going to give him prescription medication that Walker was addicted to.

Victor has lied repeatedly to his donors about where money has gone, and refused to show any receipts.

I’m proud to say that he didn’t fool me though. After writing the blog I realized that a friend had texted me one of his videos on January 2 and said that I should write a feel good story about it, instead of the usual negativity that tends to be the theme of the blog. I told her I didn’t trust him.

Sniffing out bullshit is what I was born to do. I’m skeptical of anyone who feels the need to show off their charity on Tik Tok. People who want to help don’t do it for the attention, but Victor clearly did.

However, he’s much worse than we originally realized. This is a video Victor published on Tik Tok, Facebook, and YouTube on July 27, in which he offers a homeless man named Jake a job while Jake was holding a sign outside Walmart on the Peabody-Danvers line.


#foryou #thegoodboss

♬ Night Trouble – Petit Biscuit

The video has over 2.6 million views.

For this Victor received attention and praise.

This is the sort of video that allows him to build more followers, get on the news, get on Barstool Sports, and get $210K in donations from another nonprofit in Missouri. It’s an essential part of the scam.

After we published our first blog the homeless man in the video reached out to us on Twitter to let us know that he reached out to Victor about the job offer but Victor ignored him.

Jake was no longer useful to Victor because Victor had already gotten everything he needed from him. Victor profits off of the struggles of others, shows their faces and names on social media without their consent, and he doesn’t care if they’re embarrassed or humiliated by it. He gives his followers hope that there are good people left in this world, when in fact he is preying on the most vulnerable.

On December 9 Victor saw Jake again, and instead of apologizing him for leading him on and ignoring him, Victor once again used his struggles for content. At first he did not recognize Jake, so he began to film himself offering Jake a job, but the tables turned when Jake told him that he had previously offered him a job only to ghost him. Victor seemed to have no idea who he was and claimed that he didn’t receive any calls or texts.



♬ Night Trouble – Petit Biscuit

But he did text him multiple times:

I know that’s Victor’s number because I called him on it the other day and we spoke on the Live Show.

So why would he post a video like this that makes him look bad? Simple – so that his followers would pile on Jake and accuse him of being too lazy to work.

Jake has repeatedly asked him to remove the videos and stop profiting off of his struggles, but Victor blocks all of his accounts. Here’s what he told me:

I’ve asked him to delete the videos and he won’t. As you can see I’m all masked up and I’m embarrassed standing there when I’m panhandling. I got a family and shit, he literally is exploiting me for his financial gain. 

This is evil. Victor and Mike Bates find people like Jake and Steele Walker who are in desperate need of help, and willing to take steps to turn their lives around. He offers them hope in the form of employment and/or drug rehab, but ultimately provides them with nothing. Their struggles are useful to him because it allows him to create content, promote his nonprofit, and in turn solicit donations. When they speak up like Steele Walker and Victor did he labels them as untrustworthy due to their issues with substance abuse. He smears people like me, Izzy White, Inked Plumber, and other people with large platforms who call him out, in order to deflect from what he is doing.

But we’re not gonna stop exposing you Victor, and we’ve filed a complaint with the AGO’s office. I waited over 2 years to take Monica Cannon-Grant down, and your time will come too.

Tik Tok.

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