Video: Juveniles Run Over Multiple West Haven Police Officers In Stolen Cop Car, Crash Into Fence, Drive Through Cemetery


Two junior bacon hoodboogers stole a cop car in West Haven yesterday, ran over multiple police officers with it, crashed it into a fence and drove it through a cemetery, and the film is pretty insane.

Several West Haven police officers were struck by a driver who took control of a police cruiser and tried to get away by crashing through a fence at Oak Grove Cemetery on Wednesday morning. Two juveniles have been arrested and two officers were taken to the hospital with injuries that weren’t life-threatening. The wild scene began unfolding around 11:15 a.m. when West Haven police were notified by another department that a stolen vehicle was seen exiting I-95 by Exit 43 and entering the city. The vehicle has been used in several robberies and purse snatches along the shoreline communities in the state over the past several days, according to Sgt. Patrick Buturla. West Haven police officers found the stolen vehicle traveling in the area of First Avenue and Mix Avenue, according to Buturla. Police tried to stop the vehicle, which went onto Campbell Avenue.

“As the vehicle approached the intersection of Campbell Avenue and West Spring Street, the operator could not continue his path due to traffic congestion and collided with multiple vehicles at this intersection,” Buturla wrote in a statement. “The operator fled on foot and officers gave chase. While the second occupant of the stolen vehicle was being apprehended, the operator returned and entered a West Haven Police Department patrol vehicle. The individual reversed the patrol vehicle subsequently striking several Officers. As the operator accelerated the vehicle forward, he narrowly missed running over one of the responding officers who took an evasive maneuver allowing him to escape serious physical injury or worse.

“The vehicle proceeded to drive through a fence at the Oak Grove cemetery and ultimately it became disabled. He then attempted to flee on foot and was subsequently stopped and arrested by officers. Both individuals arrested are confirmed to be juveniles. Two officers have been transported to an area hospital for medical evaluation and are being treated for non-life-threatening injuries.”

I think I know who did it.

That’s one of the craziest broad daylight police videos I’ve ever seen. The cops don’t get enough credit for not shooting more people. They’d have every justification to shoot there. They had their guns drawn on the little punk but they chose to let him live anyway. He responded by running over one cop, then another, then he ran over the first cop he hit as he tried crawling away.

Maybe if more people got shot by the cops they’d commit less crimes. I’m not all lives matter or black lives matter. I’m Team No Lives Matter except your own. The cops probably have families to go home to, whereas the juvenile is clearly going to spend most of his expected 28 years on earth incarcerated and impregnating women who will spawn children named Zayden the King and grow up not knowing who Dad is. Might as well shoot the kid. He’s not doing anything with his life anyway.

P.S. I can’t stand how they don’t release the names of juveniles. If you’re old enough to do this then you’re old enough to be publicly shamed.


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