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Video: North Andover Board Of Selectmen Candidate Luke Noble Verbally Abuses 3 Year Old Daughter, Lawyer Warns Me Not To Publish


Luke Noble is a North Andover resident, financial planner, former Republican state committeeman, and father of five who is now running for the North Andover Board of Selectmen.

He’s also very chummy with Governor Charlier Baker, and recently received his endorsement at a campaign event.

Luke is a rising star in the Republican party and appears to be a loving father of five on his Facebook page. Governor Baker appeared in one of his campaign videos at what appears to be a fundraiser.


I absolutely believe this guy will deliver.”

“I think he’ll bring the devotion and commitment he has for his family and his clients…”

As a Republican he represents the party of “family values.” However, this video on Twitter recorded by his ex-wife three years ago, which shows him being verbally abusive towards his crying three year old daughter, is the exact opposite of family values.

Luke: “You are bad, you’re a bad girl, and you deserve NOTHING!!”

Child: “Nooooo, I’m not.”

Luke: “Yes you are.”

Child:  “No I’m not!!!”

Wife: “Alright, let’s all be happy now.”

Luke: “Get me the f*** home.”

(girl crying and saying Daddy)

Wife: “You’re scaring her when you’re yelling.”

Luke: “Oh I’m scared? She’s scaring the s*** out of me, she’s a nightmare. How the f*** did we produce such a nightmare? She’s the worst child I’ve ever seen.”

Wife: “Well saying stuff like that…..”

Luke: “It’s like, what the f***?? Just shut the f*** up!!”

That video is extremely disturbing. We all get mad at our children, but under no circumstances is it ever OK to speak to them like that. I’ve been mad at my daughter before, but I would never speak to her like that, nor would I use that sort of language around her at such an impressionable age.

The worst part of the video is when the girl insists that she’s not a bad girl, but he insists that she is. You can hear her heart break. The fact that his now ex-wife taped it leads me to believe that he acted like this frequently and she wanted to document it for the inevitable divorce.

This is certainly disqualifying for office, and the fact that Charlie Baker has such a long and documented history of endorsing people like this speaks to his judgement and character.

After seeing this video on Twitter I immediately contacted Luke Noble, but he hung up on me and told me to call his attorney Joseph Orlando Jr. I had no interest in speaking with his attorney, but Orlando called me five minutes later anyway.

Attorney Orlando is also close personal friends with the Governor, and was endorsed by him when he served on the Gloucester City Council.

Attorney Orlando “warned” me not to disseminate the tape you just saw because it was illegally recorded by his ex-wife, and is being used as evidence in an ongoing legal matter. Orlando refused to say who the defendant was, what court it was in, or what the docket number was. He asked me for my email and home address, likely to send me a threatening letter that would warn me not to publish the tape. According to him he has told other media outlets not to publish the tape, and I know for a fact the Boston Herald has seen it and has chosen not to write about it.

As a former teacher and mandated reporter it is my duty to report abusive behavior when I see it, especially when it’s directed at a child. I have a daughter his age, and his conduct is inexcusable. He conveniently has an election coming up on March 31, and keeping this out of the spotlight would benefit him politically. However, I believe the citizens of North Andover have a right to know what kind of man is trying to run their town. As a Republican, I don’t want people like this representing my party.

Anyone can make a video like this seeming like a nice guy:

But it’s what you do when no one is looking that defines you as a man.

I won’t be intimidated into silence by Luke Noble or Joseph Orlando Jr. I will not cover for Orlando’s client, because he has no business running for elected office knowing this tape is out there. I won’t be scared into silence, and I will always use my platform to advocate for children. The political consequences are not my concern.

I did not record that video illegally. I came across it organically on Twitter, a platform I do not own. I have the right to talk about videos I see on Twitter, especially when they involve public officials speaking to children like that.

Attorney Orlando told me I could not disseminate it either, but I’m not. I’m just talking about a video I saw on the Internet. I asked him if I could disseminate it to DCF and he told me I couldn’t, but I did so anyway. The woman I spoke with at the Lawrence office said she believes it’s neglect, so expect your client to receive a phone call Mr. Orlando. I’d rather be destitute or dead than complicit in a coverup.


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