Video Shows Concerned Mother Walking Through Lakeville Elementary School Without Being Questioned, Police File Criminal Complaint For Trespassing, Breaking And Entering


Last month we published a blog about a Freetown mother named Kayla Churchill who exposed safety issues in the Freetown-Lakeville Public Schools by video taping how easy it was for her to enter several schools.

After a shooter entered an elementary school in Uvalde, TX, Churchill wanted to make sure that could not happen in her children’s schools, so she brought up her concerns at a School Committee meeting. A member urged her to go to the elementary school and see for herself what the safety protocols were, so she did. After walking through a Freetown elementary school door that was propped open she wandered around the school without anyone asking who she was. From there she went to the other elementary school in Lakeville, followed by the middle and high schools. She was able to enter all four of them and recorded herself doing it to raise awareness to an obvious safety issue.

But instead of being thanked for highlighting an obvious problem that directly impacts the safety of children, Lakeville Police have filed a criminal complaint in Wareham District Court, attempting to charge her with 7 counts including trespassing, breaking and entering in the daytime with attempt to commit a crime, and disturbing a school assembly.

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She has not officially been charged because the probable cause hearing is scheduled for January 31. At that time the Lakeville Police will provide evidence to a magistrate at a probable cause hearing, and usually this leads to formal charges. The police and schools do not have to do this, they are choosing to.

Here is a video we have obtained of Churchill entering Assawompsett Elementary School in Lakeville, after buzzing the main office and making up the name of a student she was there to pick up.

There are no children in this school named Caleb Monteiro that she was aware of. She made the name up on the spot and they buzzed her in without verifying if there was even a student by that name. She could’ve said literally anything and she would’ve been granted access to the building. As you can see in that video, she wanders around the school for 4 minutes without a single person asking her what she is doing there. She had direct access to open classrooms filled with defenseless children.

The main office is right by the front entrance. If a parent does not walking into the main office within seconds of being buzzed in then it should trigger an alarm. Instead she walked around the building without anyone saying a word. There were cameras all over the building that clearly are useless, along with ironic signs about safety.

She walked by at least 5 teachers who didn’t ask who she was or why she was holding a camera while wandering aimlessly through an elementary school.

Imagine what she could’ve done if she was a mentally ill person with a gun.

The Lakeville-Freetown Public Schools should be thanking Kayla Churchill for her service in exposing this extremely serious safety concern. They should be embarrassed that all four of their schools were easily accessed by some random woman off the streets, despite nationwide concerns about school safety. Instead they are trying to criminalize this whistle blower. If the police were going to charge anyone it should be the principals who allowed this to happen, and in doing so endangered the lives of children.

But the people who clutch their pearls and demand more gun control after school shootings don’t give a damn about saving the lives of children. If they did then they’d fix easily fixable problems like the one Kayla highlighted. Instead they spend a week or two getting into online arguments about which guns to ban, knowing full well that nothing will change in regard to gun laws. They use the blood of dead children to score points on their political opponents because their deaths are useful to them. But the truth is they don’t have any intention of protecting children, which is why they are going after a concerned mother who wants to make sure children have a safe place to learn.

The worst part is that she was told by the School Committee to do what she did. She brought up the this exact concern about entering buildings and they dismissed her by telling her to see for herself. So she did, and they were understandably humiliated by it. They’ve since banned her from attending School Committee meetings, which is an obvious First Amendment violation.

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Our schools should be cathedrals of safety because they contain our most precious resource – children. Clearly the people who run the Freetown-Lakeville Public Schools don’t give a damn about them though.