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Video Shows Rayshard Brooks Tased Atlanta Cop From Feet Away, Much Like Michael Chesna Had A “Non Deadly” Rock Thrown At Him From Feet Away


Two yeas ago Weymouth Police Officer Michael Chesna was killed by career criminal Emmanuel Lopes after Lopes threw a rock at him, which incapacitated Chesna and allowed Lopes to steal his gun, shoot him, and then murder 77 year old Vera Adams. Had Chesna chosen to defend himself by shooting Lopes he would’ve been labeled as a murderous cop who killed an unarmed person of color.

Chesna saw Lopes in the side yard of a home on Burton Terrace, throwing a large decorative rock into a kitchen window, according to police. A neighbor later told police that Chesna got out of his cruiser, and was standing in the middle of the street when Lopes picked up a large rock and hurled it directly at the officer, who was 10 to 12 feet away. Police reported the neighbor told officers the rock thrown by Lopes struck Chesna in the head and his gun fell out of his hand while being knocked to the ground. Lopes then picked up the gun, stood over Chesna, and fired approximately 10 shots that struck his head, torso and legs, according to police.

Today there are many people defending Rayshard Brooks, claiming that it shouldn’t be a death sentence to drive drunk, resist arrest, assault two cops, steal their taser, and then fire the taser at a police officer from just a few feet away. They argue that a taser, much like a rock, is not a deadly weapon, which completely overlooks the fact that he meant to harm the police officer who would then be defenseless to stop Brooks from taking his gun. The moment Brooks pointed the taser at the cop it could no longer be assumed that he wasn’t trying to kill him. The video speaks for itself, and it’s mind boggling that people are trying to argue otherwise.

“But he was running away.”

He was running WHILE he was shooting a taser at a cop. Here’s the moment you can see him turn around, point the taser at the cop, and fire.

Literally feet away. If he hits the cop in the face and incapacitates him then he can easily take the gun and shoot him.

Prior to that the cops were polite and respectful to him, but the moment he found out he was going to jail for drunk driving he immediately became violent.

Drunk driving in and of itself is an act of violence. Just ask any of the millions of people who have lost loved ones at the hands of drunk drivers.

But please keep defending this moron, I’ll be supporting the police when justified shootings like this go down.


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