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Violent Child Abusing Fitchburg Criminal Kills Himself After Murdering State Police K9, Sister Blames Police, Has Bad Things To Say About Dog


Yesterday in Fitchburg a soon to be 11 year old State Police K9 named Frankie was killed during an armed standoff with a career criminal called Matthew Mack. Police had gotten information that Mack was holed up at 40 Oliver Street and was wanted in connection with a July 21 shooting in Fitchburg. After getting ahold of Mack on the phone the MSP and his family members tried to coerce him into surrendering but he refused. Around 3 PM he was seen at the back entrance of the apartment and MSP attempted to apprehend him. Mack began wildly shooting at Frankie and his handler Sergeant David Stucenski, hitting and killing the K9. Two hours later drone footage showed that Mack had killed himself.

Pro tip – if the cops are looking for you in connections with a shooting in the city, don’t hide out directly across the street from the police station.

Frankie and Sgt Stucenski are both decorated veterans of law enforcement according to the press release:

In 2017, he and Sergeant Stucenski were awarded the Medal of Valor at the state’s annual George L. Hanna Awards for Bravery, the state’s top law enforcement award ceremony. They were honored for apprehending a hit-and-run suspect who, during a foot chase, turned and fired a shot at Sergeant Stucenski and Frankie as they pursued him on a Springfield street. The shot missed the Sergeant and Frankie and Frankie apprehended him. Sergeant Stucenski and Frankie won the State Police Medal of Merit for that same incident.

In 2014, then Trooper Stucenski and Frankie won three awards from the United States Police Canine Association for evidence recovery, agility, and other law enforcement skills. And only last month, our Department honored Sergeant Stucenski and Frankie and other members of the Special Tactical Operations Team for apprehending an armed child pornography suspect who had opened fire on them when they went to arrest him at a West Springfield motel in 2019.

It’s pretty crazy to think about how Sgt Stucenski seems to routinely get shot at but kept going to work anyway. Two years ago black lives matter, the DNC, and corporate America were vilifying heroes like this. The media showed us the George Floyd video millions of times, but you’d have to go digging through press releases to find out that Sgt Stucenski and Frankie were shot at the year before by a pedophile. The media wants you to believe that most cops are like Derek Chauvin or the Uvalde Police, but in reality when push comes to shove most cops are Sgt Stucenski, Sean Gannon, Michael Chesna, and Ron Tarentino.

Matthew Mack is a career shitbag who had no business being on the streets. He has a plethora of charges for violent crimes involving illegal firearms in Ayer, Fitchburg, and Leominster District Court.


In 2019, while he was on probation from a prior armed robbery conviction, Mack was charged by Leominster Police with assaulting his girlfriend’s high school aged daughter by beating her with his fists and a belt, breaking her jaw and giving her a black eye. He had a violent outburst in Leominster District Court, and was held on $15K bail.


On July 21 Mack was seen on video surveillance holding a gun with a man named Joel Davila-Ramirez, who was charged with willful and malicious destruction of property. A warrant for Mack’s arrest was issued after Davila-Ramirez identified him.

Matthew Mack should’ve seen that one coming, considering his feelings on snitches.

On October 22, 2021 Mack stabbed someone named Terry Carter in the face, chest, and arms, and a warrant was put out for his arrest. He was later released with the conditions of not coming in contact with Carter.

The only noble thing Matthew Mack has ever done was kill himself yesterday. He saved the state time and money from prosecuting and incarcerating him. He helped prevent a cop from having to be the next BLM target when they were inevitably forced to shoot him. He helped save his future victims, of which there would’ve been many considering he was incapable of avoiding violent felonies.

Despite his long and documented history of violence the dead guy’s family is still blaming the police for his suicide. This is his sister Malinna Mack.


According to her she grew up in the Burg, but her dog murdering brother urged her to move to Michigan to protect herself.


She calls him a king and claim that he was actually a really good father who took care of his two daughters and another girl, despite previously being arrested for beating the snot out of his stepdaughter. She also blames the police for shooting him, even though he killed himself, and says they took her influence.


If you’re getting your guidance and influence from a career criminal it probably means you’re a shitbag too.

She says the police could’ve used “dummy bullets,” whatever those are.

It just never ends with BLM. Nothing is ever the fault of the violent criminals. The police should go out of their way not to kill someone who has hurt so many innocent people, and just shot at police and killed a dog. Now they’re supposed to use “dummy bullets” too, because if there’s anything that got Matthew Mack to comply it was a nerf gun.

She’s not the least bit sorry that her brother murdered poor innocent Frankie. She actually said “f*** that dawg.”

That dog did more good for this world in his 11 years on earth than Malinna Mack and everyone she associates with will in a lifetime. If there was one spot left on the last lifeboat on the Titanic and Malinna was standing next to Frankie, any decent person would’ve made way for the pooch.

She says she’s coming back to Fitchburg now, and is warning “Townsend mother f***ers” to “stay out my way.”


No one from Townsend wants to go to Fitchburg anyway.

Oh, and she figured that her brother killing himself was a good opportunity to collect some of that unpaid child support from the sperm donor who threw a hot shot in her and then dipped.


At least one person in the Burg has her back:

Exactly the kind of commentary I’d expect for a from a tittooed Fitchburg pass-around who wears flat brimmed hats and uses Snapchat filters.

Dear Natalie Feliciano, no one is saying RIP to Matthew Mack because we all realize that his death was a good thing. Hope that clears things up.


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