Violent Mob Attempts To Invade UMass Fraternity, Flips Cars, Assaults Residents Over Anonymous Rape Allegation On Yik Yak


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Remember Yik Yak? Apparently the anonymous social media app people stopped using years ago because it’s so pointless is still around and widely used at UMass-Amherst. Over the weekend someone (we don’t know who because it’s an anonymous app) alleged on that platform that they were sexually assaulted at a party at Theta Chi fraternity.

I used to live in the fraternity next door (Phi Sig) for three years, and I didn’t particularly care for the neighbors because they weren’t allowed to have parties and were generally not cool neighbors to have. But apparently now they do, and the Yik Yak outrage mob had decided they can no longer exist by creating a petition that has over 20,000 “signatures.”

The mob descended upon their house Sunday night and began flipping cars in the parking lot and throwing rocks through windows during their “peaceful protest.”

This sort of behavior was legitimized during the George Floyd riots and the Kavanaugh protests, so it’s not surprising to see it condoned here. The new rule that anarchists like this are taught is simple – if you’re mad about something then you’re allowed to destroy other people’s property. If people have a problem with that you can scream, “black lives matter more than property,” or “rape is worse property destruction,” and BOOM – riot justified.

It’s OK to resort to violence because they’re “tired” of due process. You don’t need silly things like police reports or investigations, we’ll just figure that stuff out later. After all, a freshman in Gender Studies 101 told someone who told someone that Theta Chi is a “rapey frat,” therefore they are.

Some pointed out that Theta Chi had a history of incidents like this, and they created a Google Doc which kept track of them.


We are living in a world where college students are complaining that their school isn’t punishing them for going to parties. I have officially lost faith in humanity completely.

Oh no, they had parties during COVID! Kind of like Obama and so many others have, except there parties were bad because science said so! College campus activism used to rebel against authority and demand more civil liberties. Now it’s filled with people who think they’re rebelling against authority, but in reality are demanding less civil liberties because they can’t wait to graduate and join the establishment.

The next day two of the brothers went out to put up the American flag. While they were doing so a bottle was thrown at them while the mob cheered it on.

Side note – I used to live in that room

But it’s OK, because someone on Yik Yak said they were raped. Doesn’t matter who, really. Words briefly appeared on the Internet so now you’re allowed to assault innocent strangers and flip their cars over. Sure, not a single woman has filed a complaint with the police or reported this to the University, but due process and things like that no longer matter.

These two unlovable troglodytes who were part of the mob didn’t care to make sure the man who was struck with a bottle was OK, and instead shoved a very creative sign in their faces which they eventually put up the flagpole while trespassing on private property.

“How to prevent RAPE – Don’t RAPE!”

Wow, that’s a well-nuanced point I hadn’t thought of before. Granted, no one in the house has been charged or formally accused of raping anyone, but words were written on Yik Yak so these two didn’t waste any time busting out this iconic masterpiece.

During the day an invading horde of gender fluid feminists attempted to storm the house via the backyard and began hurling projectiles at the residents on the other side who were trapped like prisoners in their own home.

Last night a mob of at least 500 people gathered outside the house, which required a police presence.

While their house was under siege by a mob Theta Chi’s President attempted to protect residents by standing in the doorway with a wrench. For that he was doxxed and baselessly accused of being the rapist by UMass affiliated social media accounts with thousands of followers.

You’re not allowed to defend yourself from a mob intent on hurting you, and you’re definitely not allowed to deny unconfirmed anonymous allegations of rape that a mystery person made on Yik Yak.

The mob is upset that police are protecting American citizens from violence because “allegations aren’t allegations anymore – they are truth.”

The person who wrote those words actually believes that. They want to live in a world where crowds of people are allowed to assault people who haven’t been accused of a crime, never mind charged or convicted, and remarkably the author doesn’t see how this form of justice could hurt innocent people moving forward.

Instead of reminding this mob of entitled twat mongrels that we live in an orderly and just nation where the accused (no one from Theta Chi has even been formally accused of anything) are afforded due process rights, and that assaulting people and destroying their property because you’re mad won’t be tolerated, Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy attempted to appease them.

UMass Amherst Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy said the allegations of sexual assault prompted “an outpouring of concern and outrage among students,” and called them “deeply troubling,” in a statement released Monday.

“Let me be unequivocally clear, we condemn sexual violence of any kind and are committed to providing robust support services to survivors and to vigorously investigating all allegations of sexual assault,” Subbaswamy said.

The chancellor added that no victims or witnesses have come forward to file a complaint or report the claims that have been made on social media. He encouraged members of the community to report incidents to the administration so that they can investigate.

“While we respect and support a survivor’s decision whether or not to report an assault or pursue sanctions, we cannot take action against alleged perpetrators, whether they be individuals or organizations, without actionable evidence,” Subbaswamy said.

The only crime we know has been committed is that an innocent person was assaulted while putting up a flagpole, someone’s car was destroyed, and a mob of trespassers attempted to break into private property. No mention at all was made about holding the rioters who committed those crimes accountable. Instead the University attempted to placate them with this promise to investigate allegations no one has formally made on an anonymous app.

The reason you should never attempt to appease a mob is because they don’t want to be appeased. They want to burn and destroy things, not seek actual justice. So the Chancellor’s email did not sit well with many, including this thing.

They/them called the email “tone trolling” that “contributed to rape culture,” and demanded the Chancellor apologize for asking the crowd not to assault innocent people and destroy their property.

They/them was part of the mob, and demands that the house be searched.

Because they/them is a Fascist who has no concept of how this form of justice could one day be weaponized against they/them. They/them doesn’t care that the 4th Amendment protects the accused from unlawful search and seizure, because people like they/them are not well read, have no understanding of history, and cannot comprehend why we even need of Bill of Rights.

Then again, this whole concept of “due process” is just a system built within whiteness.

We should get rid of that, which totally will not backfire on black and brown people who are wrongly accused of crimes. People like Charley Neisner have thought it all out.

Many on social media have called for people to throw molotov cocktails at the house, defecate on the lawn, and even invade the house with “any weapon of choice.”

Karina Volpe is an Easthampton resident who condones mob violence, and would’ve joined the Nazis in a HEARTBEAT if she thought it would put her on the winning team.

Ironically she was sharing Turtleboy stories about bad people last week.

Now she’s featured in one because she’s a bad person too. So is Giuliana Loffredo, a she/her from Stoughton, who wants people to “log the f*** off” if they oppose violent witch hunts.

Marcella Lucianna is a plus sized she/her who was part of the mob, and whose proudest life accomplishment thus far was yelling “f*** Theta Chi” as an innocent person’s car was being destroyed.


Marcella is of the belief that if you yell the f word loud enough it gives you the moral high ground, which is why she posted this manifesto bemoaning due process.

“F*** everyone who cares more about following protocol and staying by the book than they do actual justice.”

Oh sweetheart, you’re not smart enough to understand this yet, but the “book” you’re referring to is the Bill of Rights, and when innocent people aren’t charged with crimes they haven’t been accused of then you’ve already got “actual justice.”

Julia Morton, an it/thing from Wakefield, was also part of the mob, and is really upset that the police are protecting college students from having their home invaded and their property destroyed.

You could see her short purple hair in the video of the mob attempting to break down Theta Chi’s fence.

This is what she looked like before it/thing stepped foot on campus.

This is it/thing now.

It/thing is the walking poster child for why you shouldn’t send your kids to college.

It’s not just short purple haired feminists who are taking part in this though. There are plenty of beta male cucks like this human who think that joining an outrage mob will get them laid.

This individual apparently dresses as a reindeer and goes to UMass tailgates, but is no longer willing to stick to sports. Instead he’s virtual signaling about how he blindly believes everything written on the Internet in the hopes that it will get him the long coveted handjob he’s been hoping for.

Barstool Sports affiliated Instagram accounts like Zoomass and Zoomasschicks have also been encouraging the protests and sharing the petition demanding that a fraternity be disbanded over baseless anonymous allegations on Yik Yak.

Which is just amazing, considering Barstool Sports was founded by a man who built his brand on blogs called “Guess That Ass,” held “blackout parties” on campuses, and once wrote in a blog that “if you’re a size 6 and you’re wearing skinny jeans, you kind of deserve to be raped.”

This isn’t to say that I have a problem with Dave Portnoy, or think he should be cancelled. It’s just funny listening to anyone affiliated with Huffstool Sports lecture anyone else about “rape culture.”

The women running these accounts know what hypocrites this makes them, but they’re cool with it because they enjoy a Barstool podcast called “Call Her Daddy,” hosted by an uninteresting white girl who gives them advice on how to give blowjobs. Plus, Barstool sold out to woke culture a few years ago, so the content that they built their brand on is no longer relevant.

I’m not saying that no one in Theta Chi raped anyone. If someone in the frat did rape a woman then the accuser should come forward with evidence, file a police report, and have the offender charged, but as of right now that hasn’t happened. Nothing is more important than protecting rights of innocent people living in a free country, and people who threaten those rights with violence should be named, shamed, ridiculed, and have their lives ruined so they can see what their medicine tastes like. In a just world the people involved in this riot would be arrested, charged, and thrown out of school. UMass would never dare do that, so getting shamed is the next best thing we can do.

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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries

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