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Viral Facebook Post Alleging Racial Profiling By Hull Police At Nantasket Beach Turns Out To Be A Lie, Teens Stole Liquor From Convenience Store


A Facebook post from a woman named Dina Willis (goes by Lee Angel on Facebook) purporting to show racial profiling at Nantasket Beach in Hull, has garnered more than 4,400 shares, despite any evidence to back up the claims being levied against the police.

The story is not even remotely believable. Contrary to what the mainstream media tells us, random white people at the beach don’t call the cops on random black people at the beach simply for being black. Obviously there was more to this story that either Dina Willis was not aware of, or chose not to include because it would’ve hurt her race baiting narrative.

That’s where TB Daily News comes in. We spoke with people who were there and found out what actually transpired.

  • The teenagers stole a bottle of alcohol from the Quick Pick Food Shop across the street from the beach.
  • The store owner called the cops and followed them to the beach.
  • When the cops came to the beach the kids were in the water and refused to come out.
  • When the police told them they had seen video surveillance from the store they realized they were caught and came out and spoke with the cops (in the picture).
  • Their parents/guardians were there the whole time and consented to the police speaking with the teens.
  • They found the bottle of liquor which the parents agreed to pay for so their teenagers weren’t arrested.

No doubt we will now be called racist for exposing yet another false flag about racial profiling by the police. Unfortunately for people like Dina Willis who use this word so freely when they’re backed into a corner and lack evidence or facts, their overuse of this word has caused it to completely lose its meaning.

The post continues to be shared, despite being blatantly false, and despite Facebook’s claim that they are being proactive in removing content that is deemed to be fake news. When misinformation is spread like this it’s not harmless. It causes people in minority communities to distrust the police and increases the likelihood for negative, and potentially deadly interactions with the police. This is how it manifests itself on social media.

Regina Hunger is realtor for Remaxand here she is on Facebook openly encouraging children to distrust the police and refuse to cooperate with them. This sort of brainwashing greatly increases her children’s likelihood of being arrested or getting hurt while resisting arrest. This is why society is the way it is – because people like Regina Hunter become parents.

A white woman wanted to make it clear that she was one of the “good ones.”

Paula Kelley has proven herself worthy of woke praise by disavowing members of her race who helped the police resolve a situation in which the teens in question committed a crime. Please clap.

Dina Willis claims to have a video of the entire encounter, which may have audio. Can we see it?

She can’t share the video because it will show the kid’s faces, but she will share the picture which shows the kid’s faces. Makes sense. Also, she hasn’t gotten permission from their parents, probably because the parents recognized that their kids did in fact steal the liquor which is why they agreed to pay for it.

Now they’re planning organized harassment campaigns on the Hull Police because Dina Willis blatantly lied about what transpired at the beach that day.

She’s also inspired her friends like Amadi Nkwachi from Columbus to threaten to kill police officers on her page.

This man’s Facebook page is littered with pictures of himself with guns. Call me a liberal if you must, but people who post threats like this should not be allowed to legally own guns.

Dina Willis has a long and documented history of complaining about the police allegedly being racist towards her by not helping her kid with autism.

I’m sure there’s nothing more to that story either. The Brookline Police, according to her story with no context, have a policy of not helping black people or autistic children. Sure thing.

Last week Bette Midler tweeted out this incredibly racist statement because she saw black people who had the audacity to think freely and not blindly support the party that rich white women like her tell them they have to support.

The tweet has since been taken down because it’s so disgusting and blatantly racist, but Dina Willis agreed with it 1,000%.

“Any black coon who supports Trump is either paid or an idiot.”

Translation – I can use racial slurs to demean black people who support different politicians than I do.

To the surprise of no one she’s a supporter of America’s most racist congresswoman, Ayanna Pressley.

She’s also received awards from the Boston City Council.

And she seems to take an active interest in education by standing in front of signs that represent large bureaucracies that do nothing but fail children.

Earlier this month she was complaining that Watertown homeowners allegedly don’t take Section 8, presumably because they don’t like black people or Muslims. Yet just a week before complaining about this she was booking flights to Los Angeles.

Can afford to fly across the country and go to DMX shows but still qualifies for Section 8. Must be hard being this oppressed. Glad to see my tax dollars are being spent wisely on people who totally don’t abuse the system per usual.

In conclusion, this woman is a liar who gets off on stoking racial tensions, the Hull Police did their job and were more than fair to these kids by not arresting them, and Facebook continues to operate a one-sided platform that only takes down “fake news” if it comes from people on the right.


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