Vox Reporter Uses Hurt Feelings To Silence Comedian Steven Crowder Because The Left Has Declared War On Free Speech


This is Carlos Maza, a Vox employee who formerly worked at Media Matters.

Media Matters exists to try to attack advertisers who promote their products on conservative media outlets like Fox News. Carlos readily admits that’s why he took the job there.

Vox is an activist group that pretends it’s a news outlet, much like Media Matters. Carlos, however, considers himself a reporter, yet his reporting mainly consists of complaining that his feelings are hurt. And this week he began to try to silence conservative comedian Steven Crowder, who has millions of followers on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Carlos is gay and Latino, and plays these cards regularly in order to self-victimize himself as a member of two “marginalized communities.” Crowder often mocks the things Carlos says on his YouTube channel because, 1) Crowder is a political comedian, and 2) Carlos says a lot of dumb things that can easily be mocked. And since Carlos refers to himself as “queer, “gay,” and “Latino,” Crowder refers to him jokingly as the “gay Latino,” and “lispy queer.” This is how comedy works, and a world without comedy is a terrible prospect.

But that’s exactly what people like Carlos Maza want. They enjoy censorship because they believe their feelings are more important than the principles of free expression, and the rights of other people to decide what they consider funny. That’s why he began a one man campaign last week to silence Crowder by painting himself as a victim of harassment.

Crowder never directed anyone to contact or harass him. This is just his way of attempting to get YouTube to censor a guy who mocks him.

Words on a computer screen cannot hurt you. I know this because I get death threats pretty regularly. It sucks, but it’s just how the Internet works, and it’s the price you pay for being a public figure. If you can’t deal with it then you need to find a new line of work.

He’s also upset that Crowder sells “socialism is for figs” shirts on YouTube.

So you can’t even sell a product that sounds like a homophobic slur that was used pretty freely up until Macklemore won a grammy. Regardless, the shirt doesn’t say “fags” on it, so he’s lying.

People like Carlos Maza know that YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter are the modern day public square. They realize that the government has no control over it, so if they can pressure the tech Gods with viral whining campaigns, they can silence people who mock them.

He admits that his goal is deplatforming anyone he doesn’t like.

He said in an interview that he wants YouTube to act as the “teacher or principal” who people like him can come crying to when their feelings are hurt by other people on the Internet.

His campaign really took off when AOC joined his team.

Which tells you everything you need to know about the current state of the democratic party.

He braced himself for more victimhood if he got Crowder banned from YouTube.

Because self-victimization is the only thing these people know how to do.

Crowder saw the writing on the wall and put out this hilarious “apology” video, in which he mocks the idea that comedians shouldn’t be allowed to make fun of prominent public figures.

This of course upset Carlos even more. (P.S. I need to do one of those for all the people who have threatened to sue us)

Because people like him are devoid of a sense of humor, and want the rest of us to be as miserable as they are.

YouTube did a thorough “investigation” and determined that he didn’t actually violate any of their terms of service.

He complained about it and the next day YouTube suddenly changed their mind.

They readily admit that Crowder didn’t break the rules, but they gave into the mob anyway. He should sue. The terms of service are a legally binding contract.

When a creator is demonetized it means they don’t get ads on their videos and can’t make money. This is what social justice warriors do now. They realize they can’t stop us from sharing our opinions, so they try to bankrupt us and force us to get jobs at the mill. They don’t want to live in a world where people can have fun and criticize the asinine things they say and do.

But even that wasn’t enough for him.

And that is why you never give these people an inch on guns or any sort of freedom. Because they’ll never be satisfied.

Carlos didn’t stop there, and eventually YouTube banned Crowder from selling the shirt too.

But as usual, it wasn’t enough to satisfy him.

He’s gained over 40,000 followers in the last week and can now profit off of that as well. He’s become a celebrity in his own mind, because he hurt someone financially who mocks him.

But what these people never do is think ahead. If you give big tech the power to silence people, they’re going to silence people you like too. For instance, Ford Fischer is a left wing news reporter who had his channel demonetized.

Carlos didn’t see that one coming, but he should have.

You did this. This is all your fault. Because your feelings were hurt you have affected the lives of create and entrepreneurial people who actually provide a product that people enjoy.

Our found

Ironically Carlos himself has written lots of offensive things on social media, including calls for assaulting people he disagrees with.

But yet Crowder and other conservatives would never want to silence him. Because conservatives want to debate. They want to make jokes and have fun. They don’t mind being the targets of “hate mobs,” (accept for whiny guy in the Oval Office), because they understand that this is a side effect of freedom. This is why I will continue to vote Republican until the left starts advocating for old school liberal principles like freedom of expression.


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