Wachusett Country Club Owner Opening Up In Defiance Of Charlie Baker Is What Real Bravery Looks Like 


The longer the lockdown continues the  more dissent will grow, and eventually it will lead to outright defiance and revolt. And it looks like a golf club in West Boylston will be leading the way.

SourceA Massachusetts golf course owner said she plans to reopen within the “next few days” despite the state’s coronavirus stay-at-home order, Fox News reported Monday.  Cara Cullen, the owner and manager of the Wachusett Country Club and the Kettle Brook Golf Club in central Massachusetts, told the news outlet that the five weeks her family-run golf course has been shut down have been financially devastating for the business and its employees. She has since had to “pretty much let all of them go.”

With the reopening, Cullen said her top priority is ensuring customer and employee safety. The business will aggressively clean golf carts, implement single-use golf carts, enforce no congregating in the parking lot, ensure no entry in buildings, have people check-in outside, require employees to wear masks and gloves and install new flagpoles to prevent hand contact, Fox News reported. The business owner said she understands the severity of the virus, as her mother-in-law was “one of the first people to pass away from the virus in Massachusetts.”

“I do know how serious this is,” Cullen said. “I don’t think this is a hoax. I think it’s serious. And my four children never saw their grandmother again and haven’t been able to properly grieve.”

Cullen cooperated with Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker’s (R) initial order to shut down nonessential businesses in March. Originally, Baker set a target reopening date for Monday but has since delayed it until May 18. The governor had announced last week the formulation of an advisory board to help the state economy reopen, but Cullen called it a “delay tactic” and expressed frustration that it wasn’t created five weeks ago. 

“Basically for five weeks, I’ve sat by watching my family business get destroyed while thousands of golfers have crossed the borders to go to Connecticut and New York, which is causing huge safety concerns,” she said.

Golf courses are open in 45 states but also closed in Vermont, Maryland, Washington and New Hampshire. Washington is set to reopen them on Tuesday, and New Hampshire is scheduled to reopen them on May 11. Vermont and Maryland, like Massachusetts, do not have a set end date for the ban, according to Golf Adviser.

This is what real bravery looks like. Not hiding your in home, but standing up for yourself and telling the government that you’re not going to allow them to force you to become a ward of the state.

God bless Cara Cullen. This is indeed a delay tactic from Charlie Baker. If you think he plans on “allowing” businesses to open up on May 18 then you’re not paying attention. Politicians like Baker have gotten a taste of absolute power and they’re addicted to it. They put no thought into anything, and never ask themselves, “how will this save lives?” If they did we wouldn’t have mandatory masks starting tomorrow, and hobbies like golf, that use natural social distancing, would not be banned.

We need more business owners and people like her in general. There’s absolutely no reason for golf course not to be opened. If anything they will help stop the spread since we know now that sunlight kills the virus. Compare casualty rates in Florida and California to cold weather states like Michigan, New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts. This really isn’t hard to figure out. Get outside, enjoy the weather, and live life. You will be safer for doing so. If you sit at home waiting for your husband to bring back the commie cold from the Worcester Walmart then you’re a lot more likely to get the bug. Duh.

“bUt GoLf iSnT eSsEnTiAl”

Was it essential when I bought shit for Easter baskets at Walmart? Is it essential when I went to the dollar store to buy balloons for my crotch fruits birthday party? Of course not.

But you know what is essential? Freedom. And it’s pretty essential for Cara Cullen and her family to have Wachusett Country Club up and running for golf season since they’re losing business to Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, and soon New Hampshire. Not one person has died from COVID after catching it while golfing.

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Cara Cullen shouldn’t be the only one doing this either. If you own a store, just open it. I know people who have done this. Don’t go on Fox News and broadcast it. Don’t put out a sign that you’re reopened. Just go in, unlock the door, and wait for customers to walk in, because they will. There’s no reason for tobacco shops to be shut down when you can buy cigars at the liquor store. Eventually free people need to stand up to tyranny and act like free people.

I’ve never met Cara Cullen, but we are Facebook friends on all of the TB accounts – Clarence Woods Emerson, Philip Prentiss, Terrance Collie – so she’s likely a turtle rider. I’d love to have her on the live show tonight to talk about this. I sent her a DM this morning but if you know her personally tell her to check her DMs, and then subscribe to our YouTube channel. We discussed her story and much more on the Gerry Callahan podcast today too, so make sure you give that page a like and never miss an episode.

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