Wachusett High School Senior Class President Burns Thin Blue Line Flag While Calling For Death Of All Cops


Sarah Flannery is the senior class president of Wachusett Regional High School.

In light of the nationwide rioting and looting that is being done under the guise of peaceful protest, Sarah decided to post a video of herself burning a thin blue line flag, while wishing for the death of all police officers.


“All cops, if there is such thing as a good cop, which I don’t think there is, should quit. The only good cop that’s still employed is a dead cop. If you are a good cop then you’ve already resigned.”

“Die mother f***er die.”

“I want the state of America abolished.”

She seems lovely.

Sarah is attending UMass Amherst in the fall.

If there were any consistency in this world they would rescind her acceptance. I personally do not believe they should because I believe in redemption, but Parkland survivor and valedictorian Kyle Kashuv had his offer rescinded from Harvard last year after racist texts from a private conversation he had when he was 16 were published. However, wishing death upon all cops on her Snapchat page for the world to see is certainly no better than racist comments in a private conversation. Kyle Kashuv is a conservative, while Sarah Flannery certainly is not. Thus she will likely suffer no consequences.

Perhaps her world view was shaped by this district wide email sent out by superintendent Darryll McCall.

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Nowhere in that email does it mention anything about the fact that 89 police officers were killed in the line of duty in 2019, compared to 10 unarmed black people.

There were no unarmed black people killed in Massachusetts, but we have lost Weymouth Police officer Michael Chesna, Yarmouth Police Officer Sean Gannon, and Auburn Police Officer Ron Tarentino in a short amount of time. There were no emails like this sent out on behalf of their families, but there was an email sent out about the death of a man 1,500 miles from here.

Why are the public schools sending out emails like this to taxpaying residents in a district that has almost no diversity whatsoever? Why was the superintendent of schools inspired to write this by a 19 year old, who admittedly had just “learned” that she had white privilege in college, and told him it was urgent?

“Acts of violence against people of color occur so frequently.” 

No, they don’t. That’s just a lie that implies that cops frequently kill people of color. Ten unarmed black people were killed by police in 2019 out of a population of 40 million. White people arrested for violent crime are slightly more likely to be killed by black people. These are undeniable statistical facts that can be found on the FBI and Washington Post databases.

“I am racially privileged because of the color of my skin.”

No, you’re not. White privilege is a theory, not a fact. You believe you have racial privilege due to the color of your skin, but I disagree. You didn’t grow up in Main South like the white, brown, and black kids I went to school with. I was more privileged than them, not because of the color of my skin, but because I grew up in a two parent household on the west side. Privilege is socioeconomic, not racial. If white privilege were a real thing then Elizabeth Warren wouldn’t have pretended to be a person of color for personal gain.

“The peaceful protests that occur will bring about systemic change.”

No, they won’t. And they’re far from peaceful. Retired African-American cop David Dorn was killed in St. Louis by looters/peaceful protesters.

There will be no protest for him.

Black police officer Dave Underwood was murdered by one of those “peaceful protesters” in Oakland.

There will be no protest for him.

White police officer Shay Mikalonis is fighting for his life after being shot by a protester in Las Vegas.

There will be no protest for him.

These nationwide riots and protests will not bring any changes because the demands of the protesters literally include abolishing the police. This is not hyperbole. Today in Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey showed up to a BLM protest and was asked if he would abolish the police because according to the woman asking him, “we don’t want no more police. We don’t want people with guns in our community.” When he told them he could not abolish the police, because this would be an extremely racist move that would affect the black community in much worse ways than it would affect white communities, he was told to “get the f out” before doing a walk of shame. (they literally chanted “shame”)

Go on Twitter and see how much praise these protesters are getting for humiliating this pathetic boy Mayor. Do commenters like this one sound like they have any desire to be peaceful?

“We are in control.”

“This is a revolution, not a protest.”

And the superintendent is fanning these flames with his rhetoric.

“The inherent racial biases we all have.”

Speak for yourself, I have no inherent racial biases, and I will not read your book. Unlike you I feel no shame for being born who I am, and I will not degrade myself as you have chosen to do.

“Help guide conversations with my children.”

I will guide my children as I see fit, and you will have no input in how I choose to raise them. They do not belong to you, and we do not need your misguided guidance on how to teach them to hate themselves.

Maybe this is how Sarah Flannery got this way. Our public schools are teaching kids that white people should feel horrible guilt because of the color of their skin. That they are responsible for sins of the past, even if they arrived here recently. That there is only one correct way to think about racial issues, despite black conservatives like Candace Owens, Brandon Tatum, and Rob Smith who don’t believe any of the things he’s saying. According to people like Joe Biden, “they ain’t black,” because black people like that don’t blindly vote for cowardly democrats like Mayor Jacob Frey. This was him pretending to cry over George Floyd’s casket two days ago.


Just like Sarah Flannery, he is young and brainwashed with this sort of dangerous, self-hating dogma. It needs to end. The hatred towards police that is being pushed in public schools and universities is the real cause of our problems right now.


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