Wachusett Parents Fight Back Against Proposed Mask Mandate At School Committee Meeting, Pro-Mask Parents Make Weak Arguments In Attempt To Justify Abusing Children


Last night I joined hundreds of parents who showed up the Wachusett Regional School Committee meeting to protest and speak out against a proposition to force all children to wear masks in school.

Our School Committee, like many others, would vote in favor of mandatory masking if nobody was watching them. These people have gotten far too comfortable taking away your civil liberties and hurting your children, and it’s important to show up in person and let them know you’re not going to allow it to happen. If a mask mandate does happen in you district you should encourage your child and their friends to refuse to wear masks. Resist. Cause “good trouble.” They’re not going to suspend them all.

I knew we were in trouble when 12 of the 17 members who showed up wore masks at the meeting, whereas a month ago only one moron wore a mask. Four of them by my count showed up without masks on, and then put them on when they sat down. Like this guy Karl Ottmer from Paxton, who came dressed as a Kelley Square panhandler during a heat wave and pulled a used cloth mask out of his filthy jeans in the name of health.

But they needed to see us to know how passionate we are about this issue. Unlike the pro-mask side we are a diverse, non-partisan coalition of liberal and conservative parents. Their side is entirely dedicated to the Democratic party, and worships the ground Anthony Fauci walks on. But none of these people believe in science, and none of them are scared of coronavirus. This is all just their way of showing they will submit to their overlords at the CDC by instituting control over other people’s children. This was the first thing I called them out for in my speech. Watch.

Boom. Roasted.

A member from Holden named Asima Silva has not attended a single meeting since beating me by 300 votes in May’s election, and did not attend last night either because she is an unintelligent McGovern Crime Family plant who pretends that she is too afraid of this virus to go out in public. This is the same woman who famously said at a previous meeting that 10,000 children in one month had died from COVID in Massachusetts.


She did chime in on the comments of the live stream though.

The parent speakers tonight who spoke out in opposition to mandated masking were a sophisticated and vaccinated bunch that included teachers and healthcare workers. I cannot embed the video, but you can watch it here. I would recommend watching the two elementary school teachers who spoke at the 56 minute and 1:46 parts, the woman who spoke about vaccines and the Constitution at the 1:30 mark, and especially the pediatric nurse who spoke at the 2:06:40 mark. She was absolutely amazing, and had people in tears detailing the psychological trauma she sees from children as a result of COVID restrictions. If you’re not going to listen to teachers and pediatric nurses then you don’t actually care about kids or science.

For the most part the people who spoke out in opposition sent emails in because they were too cowardly to show up in person and make the case for abusing our children. What they’re advocating for is shameful and harmful to kid, and shameful people deserve to be shamed. Here are the top 10 most ridiculous things the pro-child abuse (that’s what we need to call it) crowd made tonight (and what point in the video they made their statement).


10. Dr. Bonnie Hersch – Princeton – 1:04

The entirety of Dr. Bonnie Hersch’s argument was what most of these people did – cite the CDC. They don’t care that the CDC has been wrong more times than I can count throughout this pandemic. They don’t care that Rochelle Wolensky recently used the CDC to extend the eviction moratorium for deadbeat tenants, on the grounds that evictions will increase the spread. They will blindly do whatever the unelected bureaucrats tell them to do. However, in an attempt to bolster her expertise Dr. Hersch said she was a pediatrician. This is just an outright lie. She is a neurologist. If you have to lie to make your point then you don’t have a good point. But pretending to be a doctor for kids makes you sound more legitimate when you’re talking about masking kids.



9. Deb Femia – Holden – 1:11

It should be noted that this woman did not run for School Committee in May because the Democratic machine had already picked a slate of 3 candidates they endorsed, and she would’ve diluted the ticket and I might’ve accidentally won if that happened. Instead she applied for an open seat that was filled a few weeks after the election and made an absolute fool of herself during the interview at the Selectmen meeting. You can watch her legendary performance at the 58:45 mark in this video.

This is the type of ignorance that the Democratic machine is willing to put in charge of schools in the name of power and control.

Last night she said that masks were a “minor inconvenience, not muzzling,” baselessly made up a lie that masks are the “most effective protection against COVID,” and spread the standard fear porn about the “Delta variant.”


8. Phoebe Moore – Princeton – 1:23

She’s another doctor from Princeton (most of them are from Princeton) whose claim to fame is going to school with DESE commissioner Jeff Riley, and believes that making masks AND vaccines optional for kids ensures that they will get COVID.


7. Corey Burnham Howard – Sterling – 1:25 

The entirety of her argument, like the rest of them was “public health experts say we have to wear masks.” People like this are incapable of independent thought and will do whatever Tony Fauci tells them to do. Her only other argument is that we should do this because Holyoke, New Bedford, and Somerville, three densely populated urban hellholes, all are forcing kids to wear masks. “Make Holden New Bedford” is not the argument that you think it is. If there were ever a face we could use as a mascot for Karens, this would be it.



6. Cynthia Curtis – Holden – 1:37 

Cynthia said that she wanted to speak in person, but she couldn’t put her family at risk because she knew the dirty unmasked and unvaccinated people would be there. Sure, she’s fully vaccinated and could wear a mask, but apparently those things don’t work because the Delta variant means we have to start from scratch. (see a pattern yet?) She made up the complete lie that our hospitals are full (Massachusetts is seeing almost no COVID deaths this month), believes that the vaccine doesn’t work against this week’s variant, and said that we must protect children since they are the most vulnerable, even though they are by far the least vulnerable. She also forces her children to come to political protests with her, and proudly displays that she is feeding them propaganda instead of letting them be kids.




5. Cole Haynes – Holden – 1:51:30

Cole actually did not have a mask on for the entire meeting and had the audacity to stand up and demand that my child wear a mask to protect him. His actual quote is peak white male fragility – “the idea of an unmasked student spreading a virus is terrifying to me.” This sums up the selfishness of these people. A grown man is terrified, and instead of getting over his irrational fear my child must suffer. He is a monster, and a very bad person, but in his mind he actually believes he is the good guy.



4. Holly Burgess – Princeton – 51:00

Holly couldn’t attend because she’s scared of COVID, but her email was read out loud and the audience burst out in laughter when she warned about “super spreaders” days after Obama’s bash on the Vineyard, and said that we should listen to “experts” like Anthony Fauci. The laughter at that line was so loud that they had to bust out the gavel.




3. Deanna Homoliski – Holden – 1:54

According to Deanna her 12 year old is vaccinated, but her 9 year old daughter is not, therefore she will be driving both of them to school instead of letting him ride on the bus, because he could pick up the virus on the bus and give it to his sister when he gets home. This actually makes sense to her. She is using this as an excuse to abuse my child. However, she did not make her kids wear masks all summer, which you can see on her Facebook page, despite being this petrified that her child might get a virus that has not killed a single child in Massachusetts.



2. Melissa Ayala – Sterling – 1:57

This woman actually served on the School Committee last year when they shut down the schools, and was arguably the least intelligent person to ever serve in public office. Her speech was wildly inappropriate, as she attempted to weaponize the death of one of her children in order to justify state sanctioned abuse of my child. According to her, both of her children were put on ventilators and one of them died. She did not say what they died from, but it was not COVID. Nevertheless, she used this tragedy as a way to force my child to wear a mask that prevents her from breathing, because “being put on a ventilator is preventable.” She also said that she wasn’t there to spread fear, she was just “representing facts,” while doing the exact opposite. She said she knows it’s low risk, but it’s still a risk, therefore it’s OK, and said recommending masks for kids won’t work because too many kids who come from normal homes will choose not to wear masks. Her philosophy was best summarized with her quote, “if masks aren’t mandated there’s no plan for the scared mom who’s worried about their child dying.”

There is a plan for that actually – you can wrap your child in bubble wrap and homeschool them. It’s not our job to cater to your mental illness.



1. Jana Brennan – Holden – 1:42

Jana’s 8th grader is vaccinated but she doesn’t feel comfortable sending her 4th grade son into a crowded room of disease infested children like mine who aren’t wearing masks. But her best quote was about lunch:

“I hope we will have social distancing during lunch, if WRSD doesn’t mandate masks my son will wear one anyway but will have no protection when he eats.”

Wait until she finds out that we’ve always had to take our masks off to eat. She wants kids to remain isolated from each other during lunch, lest the virus jump out of one child’s mouth and into her child’s mouth in between bites of a bologna sandwich. However, just a few weeks ago Jana’s children were tagged pictures by another dance mom at a huge event in which none of them were wearing masks. Normally I would not post pictures of kids on this blog, but these were allowed on her Facebook already, and she is openly advocating for abusing other people’s children. I have no tolerance for hypocrites like this. Don’t pretend to be scared of the virus while you’re eating lunch in school if you’re not afraid of the virus at a dance competition.


In the end I don’t know if we will lose or win, but making your voices heard at town meetings is what this country was built on. It’s the most American thing you can do, and if you’re not going to advocate for your children then what will you advocate for? These are bad people doing bad things to our kids, and we should stop treating this like it’s some sort of respectable disagreement.



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Hello Turtle Riders. As you know if you follow Turtleboy we are constantly getting censored and banned by Facebook for what are clearly not violations of their terms of service. Twitter has done the same, and trolls mass reported our blog to Google AdSense thousands of times, leading to demonetization. We can get by and survive, but we could really use your help. Please consider donating by hitting the Donation button above if you'd like support free speech and what we do in the face of Silicon Valley censorship. Or just buy our award winning book about the dangers of censorship and rise of Turtleboy:  Qries

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