Waltham Elementary School Principal And PTO President Apologize For Facebook Post Honoring School Resource Officer On National Law Enforcement Day


Fitzgerald Elementary School in Waltham honored their school resource officer with a Facebook post on National Law Enforcement Day last week saying “Happy National Law Enforcement Day,” with the image of a wooden homemade thin blue line flag. However, the post is no longer there thanks to these two women.


That’s Principal Jennifer Santillo and PTO President Lauren Fournier, and they decided that the post had to be removed because honoring murdered police officers is now racist. They sent all parents an email explaining why.

This is what happens when one half of the culture is constantly surrendering and “picking their battles,” and the other side of the culture is racking up victories and never looking back. There’s nothing racist about honoring heroes and victims like Sean Collier, Ron Tarentino, Sean Gannon, and Michael Chesna. That’s all the flag was ever designed to do. We should’ve been standing up to this lunacy by appealing to not only Trump supporters, but normal democrats who realize that our society would stumble into chaos without the police.

Instead we allowed them to control the narrative without much pushback. Somewhere along the line “black lives matter” decreed that it was a hate symbol because they saw thin blue line flags at Trump rallies, just like they did with “all lives matter,” the OK sign, high five Friday, using the term “color blind,” and not accepting the ridiculous theory of “white privilege” as an indisputable fact. We didn’t bother fighting back hard against it because it was just a bunch of wack jobs with no real influence who were saying that stuff.

But now these lunatics control all of our cultural institutions, including the public schools. Giving into the mob’s hysterics was easier than standing up to them. They figure that this isn’t the hill they want to die on, and if they just give into the mob and stop flying that flag they’ll be left alone. People who think like this have no understanding for how this game is being played right now because they don’t realize that SJWs play for keeps.

“these images are also used by some to represent opposition to Black Lives Matter and other social justice movements”

So what? Schools push black lives matter propaganda down the throats of our children with zero pushback. BLM is a self-identified Marxist organization that wants to get rid of the nuclear family and abolish both police and prisons. Anyone who values freedom and law and order would push back against them. Regardless, just because a bad person starts waving a flag doesn’t make the flag itself bad. The flag’s meaning does not change based on who is holding it.

Just look at the language they used in the email.

“regrettable mistake and one which never should have occurred.”

“the impact of this incident can not be taken back”

What impact? They were honoring police on the one day a year designated for honoring police. Apparently the Waltham public schools think supporting the families of murdered police officers “never should have occurred”

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Then again, it’s not surprising this happened in Waltham. After all, they have a City Councillor who was charged with stealing her police officer neighbor’s pro-police yard sign from in front of his house. She still has not resigned despite being caught on film doing it. This is not a city where police are respected or valued. It’s a place where upper middle class white women pretend to care about black people by protecting them from anything that honors law enforcement, because they are just a bunch of racists who believe that black people are a monolith who would prefer to live in a world without cops.

BTW, Kristine likes honoring murdered cops now.

As long as they’re killed by a “white nationalist,” and not violent career criminal with 125 prior charges who was let out early by a Deval Patrick judge with a lifetime appointment.

Now the elementary school is sending out buzzword emails about “equity and inclusion,” while excluding and stigmatizing kids who come from families in law enforcement. Fitzgerald Elementary School “values the diversity of perspectives, backgrounds, ethnicities, and experiences that our students and families represent.” Unless of course the diversity and perspectives includes kids whose parents are cops. Those little fuckers can burn in Hell.

Jennifer Santillo and Lauren Fournier “strive to create a welcoming space that both honors the service of those in uniform and stands up for racial and social justice for all members of our society.” Unless you want to honor murdered cops by flying a flag specifically designed to honor them. You can’t do that anymore because somehow Michael Chesna being shot with his own weapon at close range after having a rock thrown at him by an “unarmed” person of color he was likely afraid to shoot because he knew he’d be vilified by “black lives matter,” isn’t “standing up for racial and social justice.”

Little things like this might not seem like a big deal, or not worth fighting, which is exactly what they want you to say. Once they’ve established that the thin blue line flag is racist it never goes back to not being racist. But that’s why TB Daily News exists – to stand up to these people, call them out, and publicly shame them because they deserve it.

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