Waltham Police Question City Councilor Who Wants To Defund The Police After Neighbors Identify Her And Husband As Thieves Who Stole Pro Police Sign From Cop’s Yard


A police officer in Waltham had a support the police sign stolen out of his yard this week.

A lot of people sent us this story because in the Facebook comments under the video they were all saying it was the same person – City Councilor Kristine Mackin and her husband Reid Gilman.


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The Brandeis grad lives two houses down and is a well known critic of the police. In June she tried and failed to defund the police.

A lone city councilor, following up on the city’s Black Lives Matter resolution and community pushback on the police department budget, proposed cutting $1.1 million from the department’s operating budget of $17,441,775 and was voted down Monday, as at least two city councilors took aim at her, lobbing personal attacks against her.

“This budget is a statement of what this city thinks is worth spending on. I’m making these cuts so that the community can see us debate it. That is our function as a legislative body. To have a debate,” she said. “I’d like that money to be spent on food not firearms.”

Mackin proposed cutting the $1.05 million police overtime budget, a $55,000 special line item for ammunition and the $14,500 contract for the NEMLEC.

It should be noted that NEMLC has been summonsed for some dangerous situations in Waltham in the past.

She instead wanted this money to go to feed the homeless, or something. But there was just one problem – she’s never volunteered to feed the homeless before and used COVID as an excuse.

“There’s not a single dollar in this budget allocated to feeding our community and we’re capable of spending $55,000 on firearms and ammunition?” she said. “The discrepancy in the services we’re providing is shocking to me. And I really feel that this budget does not reflect the values of this community and I’m attempting to make one small change to reflect what I believe is truly important.”

After asking her what she might do with the money instead, at least two councilors questioned why she, personally, was talking about using money for food when she hadn’t attend the two city-run food pantries. Kathleen McMenimen pointed out her own susceptibility to the coronavirus and noted that she still volunteered for one of the food pantries, while Mackin had not.

“In a time of need you were in your pajamas,” said Councilor Anthony LaFauci of Ward 1. “So I’m not going to support this cut, nor any other that you mention.”

Mackin responded that she had been forced to follow the governor’s health recommendations and stay home when – both times – she was experiencing symptoms in line with the disease.

“I feel like the comments that are being made about me exceed the bounds of the kinds of personal attacks that are acceptable in front of this public body,” said Mackin, choking up. “Additionally I’m not interested in discussing my personal medical information with this body as it relates to [me] experiencing symptoms during both of those food drives. … We are all doing the best we can during a time of extreme stress.”

OWNED! I think I love the Waltham City Council.

Funny that a person like this would wish to defund the police though, considering that her Brandeis student next door neighbors were nearly stabbed to death less than a year ago and the police found the 16 year old who did it within hours. She actually posted about this incident on her Facebook page.

But then George Floyd was killed and cops became bad in Waltham. She was really upset about the L.

It actually made her cry, and she rejects the idea that grownup elected officials shouldn’t cry because that’s reinforcing the patriarchy.

She’s really upset about George Floyd guys. She REALLY cares. Way more than people who don’t cry about it.

Imagine getting elected to office and thinking that you’re fixing something by writing a statement that you believe black lives matter? Is there anything more useless than that?

She also wants get rid of the “good cop” narrative that good police exist.

And she believes our entire civilization is founded on racism.

Sources tell us that she was brought into the police station for questioning today, denied it was her, and used the alibi that she and her husband were making sweet love during the time of the crime. She did have one person defending her though.

Karen Walz. If that name rings a bell it’s because we wrote about her last August when she tweeted out one of the greatest ratios of all time in regards to a Donald Trump comment about Elizabeth Warren, accusing him of raping his daughter and punching his wife in the kidneys.

In fairness, she’s way too old to be on social media. Poor lady attempted to report each and every one of the 7.4K people who responded to her, and thought that you did that by writing, “dangerous abusive troll” to every person who responded. Except she didn’t realize that you can’t leave a space between the @ and the person’s user name.

Shockingly Twitter did not get to look into any of those very serious reports.

I can’t say for sure if Kristine Mackin and Reid Gilman actually did this because they haven’t been arrested or summonsed, but it certainly looks like them, they live on that street, and their hatred for the police would lead you to believe that that sign offended them. Then again, if they can produce a time stamped sex tape this whole thing could get cleared up real quick.


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