Ware Mom Who Triggered Amber Alert By Kidnapping Her Daughter Again Was Arrested Last Month For Threatening To Kill Her, Claims She Has Custody While Hiding Out In Cheshire Trailer Park


You may have gotten an Amber Alert today for a town you’ve never heard of in northwestern MA called Cheshire, after a woman named Brandee Arnold kidnapped her daughter Cortana Goncalves from a family event in Ludlow and was making suicidal and homicidal statements.

I expected nothing less from a tittooed snatch dragon named Brandee.

According to probate court documents she lives in Ware, the western MA version of Chelsea with a Walmart. The baby daddy Joao Gonsalces lives in Ludlow. She posted this around 1 PM.

“I have full custody of my child.”

Yea, except you don’t, and for good reason. First, you have open DCF involvement.

Secondly, according to probate court documents both parents had custody and Brandee has threatened to keep the little girl whenever she’s in a mood.

“I have been disrespected numerous times.”

Translation – I keep my kid from him whenever I feel like it.

In March Brandee filed a motion in probate court asking for all communication between Joao and her go through her “family wizard.”


Because who in Ware doesn’t have a family wizard?

Last August Brandee was charged with A&B on a family member when she barged into the house where Joao lives with his ex-wife’s parents and brother (that’s normal), marched down into the basement while holding her daughter, and then physically threw the girl at him and began attacking him. She left with the child and was apparently mad because she found out he was talking to another woman, despite being separated from Brandee. A few days later she failed to drop him off for his court approved time with his daughter so he went to police and she was charged.

So kidnapping the kid when she’s mad at this guy is just another Thursday in the life of Brandee from Ware.

Notice in that report that Joao said he was hesitant to call police “because of prior incidents in his life.” I figured that he meant he was here illegally, but it’s Massachusetts so obviously it wouldn’t make sense for an illegal immigrant to fear deportation. Turns out that when he said “prior incidents,” he meant, “that time I killed my Dad in 2018.”

Somehow he only was charged with A&B and malicious damage to a motor vehicle and got probation after a guilty plea.

No wonder he didn’t wanna bring that up with the cops.

Look who was with him at his arraignment.

Cheap Handy Brandee.

It takes a lot to lose custody to a guy who plead guilty to killing his old man, but she found a way. In May 2023 Brandee was charged with threatening to commit a crime and reckless endangerment of a child after kidnapping the kid again and refusing to hand him over during an arranged drop off. She was once again triggered when her sperm donor showed up for the crotch fruit crossover with another woman, so she took the kid and texted “I’m taking both of us out of this world” to him.

Yet she was back in probate court two weeks later complaining that he disrespected her and asking the court for better communication.

But please, tell me more about how you have full custody of your child after being charged with threatening to kill them a month ago.

Luckily they found the girl and her mother in a Cheshire trailer park shortly after she made the post.

State police reported Cortana Goncalves has been found safe in Cheshire, about a half hour after issuing an Amber Alert around 11:30 a.m. Thursday for the 4-year-old girl who they said had been kidnapped by her biological mother. The girl’s mother, 32-year-old Brandee Arnold, was located with her, according to police. The two were in a trailer at a trailer park on Fifth Avenue in Cheshire, police said in a subsequent update. Arnold was taken into custody and was to be transported to Springfield police, who have jurisdiction over the kidnapping incident.

If you think the ghettoes of Lawrence or Brockton or ratchet, take a trip out to any northwestern MA trailer park. There are people out there who die from things that you’ve only heard of playing Oregon Trail.

The Ratchet Moms of America chimed in with their support of their friend on Brandee’s post, which she also commented on before being arrested.

“This ain’t the B I kno.”

It kind of is though.

“Just some BS with her Dad.”

Translation – I got mad at him (again) over the latest skag he’s burying his seed in and took the kid I don’t have custody of (again) due to the fact that I recently threatened to kill her.

“Fck them I would’ve took my baby too.”

Yea, we could tell just by looking at Atlas Jugs that she never let a court order stop her from doing whatever she feels like.

According to Sarah Marie she’s a great Mom though.

When the profile picture matches the comment.

Yea Brandee is a great Mom when she’s not kidnapping her daughter and threatening to commit a murder suicide because she’s butthurt that her Dad-killing ex-boyfriend replaced her with a new tramp who he’s taking to poundtown in his ex-wife’s parent’s basement. I think we can all agree that this poor kid has no shot in life no matter which parent he ends up with.


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