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Wareham Mother Assaults Multiple Children At Youth Football Dance After Chaperones Mistake Her Daughter For Being A Boy


This is Rachael Porter from Wareham.

As you can imagine, things are about to get a little bit ratchet from this point on.

Two weeks ago there was an incident at a dance held by the Wareham Tigers football and cheering programs involving her daughter allegedly being mistreated and migendered, which she posted about on her Facebook page and a community Facebook group.


  • Daughter looks like and dresses like a boy
  • Daughter gets asked by adults three separate times why she’s in the girl’s bathroom
  • Daughter doesn’t speak with stepfather who is in attendance, but instead decided to call irrational mother because she knows Mom will drive down and cause a scene
  • Mom does exactly what daughter knew she would by demanding to see “assailant,” pushes someone to get to them, and ends up getting kicked out
  • Mom uses multiple hashtags to explain that she won’t stop raising Hell over volunteers at a school dance who “discriminated” against her daughter who looks like her son

Mom has shared a picture of her daughter, but I won’t. To be clear, she looks exactly like a boy. You would never guess she was a girl. And I’m sorry, but when you allow your child to dress like that you give up the right to be offended when people think she’s a boy.

Also, why is this girl constantly in the bathroom during a school dance? Did she have coronavirus? And why didn’t she go to her stepdad, considering he looks like this?

He was there as one of the 30 chaperones. It would be completely understandable if three separate adults who never met this girl, thought that she was a boy, because she looks exactly like a boy. It’s not like they have board meetings where they discuss who they kicked out of the bathroom during the dance. If you’re an adult and you see a boy go into the girl’s bathroom with a girl he’s making out with, you follow them inside and say something.

The league president responded with the other side of the story after she started smearing them with the BLT-123 crowd.


So basically Mom forgot to include the parts where she assaulted a child, caused a huge scene by going full ratchet towards a volunteer, and then never showed up to a meeting the league scheduled with her and the other parents.

Nevertheless, the rest of the fam wasn’t going to let FACKS get in the way of what was actually a harmless misunderstanding. The “victim’s” sister showed up to remind everyone that gender profiling was “iligal,” and shouldn’t be “aloud” to happen.

She doesn’t have time for illiterates who don’t no how two spel.

Maybe if your sister didn’t dress like your brother then people wouldn’t be confused. Just a thought.

The parents of the girls who were assaulted by this rabid momma bear commented on the post, including one whose daughter was assaulted by her, and another whose daughter was literally hiding in the bathroom from Rachael.

A normal person would apologize at this point for running over and threatening children. A ratchet doubles down and apologizes on behalf of other people who she blames for her own ratchet actions.

And for what it’s worth, the stepdad who the girl didn’t go to that night for help once killed a guy in a wheelchair while driving drunk a few years ago.

Sounds like a trustworthy bunch.

Mom ended up getting a no trespass to the middle school, which inadvertently put her keyboard on permanent CAPS LOCK!!

A quick map of where Rachael now can and cannot go.

It doesn’t matter how many kids she has to assault, she will get justice for her crotch fruit.


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