Poor Behavior

Warwick Father Caught Trying To Meet 13 Year Old Girl For Sex Tells Mother He Was Only Trying To Cuddle And Needs Therapy


This is Scott Lasnier from Warwick.

As you can see, he oozes sex appeal and dominates life, as can be seen by his Honda Civic and $380.



If your n words roll with less money than it costs to get a new set of tires for your Honda Civic, then you need to find some new n words. Just sayin.

Scott is the proud father of a 4 year old boy, who he created from scratch by going full Edmund Hillary on his ex-wife. He no longer has custody of the child and  must’ve gotten a little lonely, so he began using an app called Whisper where he looked for another woman to keep him warm at night. The problem was that the woman he was looking for was a 13 year old girl who was actually a black guy with a pedophile poaching YouTube channel called No Games 4 Weirdos, which has 34,000 subscribers.

This gentleman REALLY likes thongs.

The best part about Spanky Spectrum is how they trapped him. Evidently these poachers use live bait, which is a grown woman pretending to be a child. She told him that she needed his help finding her car keys, which he didn’t find suspicious even though he thought she was 13 years old.

Every week I get a new pedo poacher channel sent to me, but this might be my new favorite. I’ve seen a lot of these chomos caught in the act before, but I haven’t seen one of the poachers offer to cuddle with them. That’s a first. And I do appreciate how these guys put the chat logs on the video so we can actually see what was said prior.

Having the pedos call Mom seems to be the new trend with all pedo poachers, instead of getting the police involved which is probably a better idea when you think about it. But at least it’s entertaining when they have to call Mom. Spanky Spectrum attempted to make it seem innocent, as if there’s a way to innocently meet a 13 year old girl online, and talk about how much you want to see her in a thong and cuddle with her.

“I came here to see a girl and she’s underage and I’m not trying to do anything sexual at all.”

I guess asking a child to kiss you at your house isn’t technically sexual.

But this was a tough one to explain to Mom:

“Suck her tits and lick her pussy, that’s all I said.”

That’s it Mom. Just a little underage cunalingus and nipple licking. Totally innocent stuff. He learned it from watching lesbian porn.

Don’t worry though, because he told the pedo poacher that he’s going to get therapy and this is totally the last time he’ll try to bang underage children he met online. His Mom even said she’d make sure.

“OK I’ll stay on top of you.”

I bet you will Mom. I bet you will.

The pedo poacher seemed to call BS on Scott’s admitted domestic violence charge because he couldn’t understand how a man could allow a man to put a belt around his neck. But in fairness Spanky Spectrum’s story adds up.

I dare any man to stand up with this woman sitting on them.

Good luck.

Anyway, the problem with not going to the cops is that these diddlers not only reoffend again once the coast is clear, they also get to go on living their lives like nothing happened because most people don’t subscribe to the No Games 4 Weirdos YouTube channel. According to the poachers Scott Lasnier works as a security guard at Amazon, but others tell us he works at Dave’s Market in North Kingstown. And since he’s sexting children from work they should probably be aware of this and keep him away from kids by firing him. Just sayin.


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