Warwick Rappers Establish Dominance Over West Warwick Rivals With Diss Track Gazebo Rap Video After Sex Tape Is Leaked


This is Billy Palazzo, the self proclaimed best rapper from Warwick.

Which is about as meaningful as being labeled the hardest dude in yoga class.

Billy was victimized by a rival from rapper (I assume) from the neighboring community of West Warwick, and declared war on Facebook.

Normally when he has a beef with someone he finds the closest motel with discount rates because of a recent prostitution sting, and films himself dissing whoever has wronged him.

MC Motel 6 don’t play.

He was very upset with people not sharing his videos, which seems strange because he is the “king.”

That’s when he called up his rap partner Make a Wish Eminem.

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And he and the Tapioca Tornado unleashed an epic diss track which will go down with the greats.

That must’ve been ICP’s cousin with the missing chromosome – IEP.

The competition for biggest hardo in Rhode Island if officially over. Everyone can go home now.

“It ain’t Warwick, it’s War-aq!!”

Who can argue with that? S*** is real out in the mean streets of War-aq. They got gangs.

West coast style drive byes.

And old school mofos who don’t play.

There is nothing more gangsta than rapping off of an iPhone in a gazebo with Make a Wish Eminem recreating Leonardo Dicaprio’s performance in Man in the Iron Mask.

And if he gets that wish he’ll finally be able to get that belt that his foster dad promised he was going to get him for Christmas, but never did.

Many people were confused at first, as this appeared to be some sort of fundraiser for autism.

But the beef began when Billy vowed to make a West Warwick diss track, after a video of two of his rivals was leaked, showing them engaging in gland to gland combat.

The video was later posted in the comments, which of course was bold, brave, and beautiful.


Billy made it clear in Rhode Island English, that the man in the video (Joel) had officially been dissed.

The man on the receiving end in that video showed up to defend his honor, which is difficult when there’s a video of you taking the pipe up the pooper in the same post.

Yet somehow the video of two men engaging in consensual sex was even more cringe than the original diss track video. Nevertheless it hasn’t deterred the Tapioca Tornado from sharing more links to his videos in the comments.

Do these looks like the faces of hardcaore rappers who will be denied their rightful spot on the throne?

Never stop doing what you’re doing boys. Sure, Billy appears to be a father, but don’t let that child get in the way of achieving your dreams. I would love to have you and/or Make a Wish Enimem on the live show this weekend for an exclusive interview.


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