WBSM Glorifies Rochester Dad Who Abandoned His Wife And 2 Kids To Go On Spiritual Journey By Running From Colorado To Massachusetts


This is Graham Correia from Rochester, MA.

WBSM Radio featured him in a puff piece this week, portraying him as a recovering alcoholic who lost his wife and kids to substance abuse, but was bettering himself and raising awareness for addiction by running from Colorado back to Massachusetts.

Rochester’s Graham Correia answered his phone sounding short of breath. He was running 20 miles at an elevation of 8,000 feet in preparation for an upcoming cross-country journey that he hopes will resonate with anyone having problems with alcohol.

“Let me slow down to a fast walk while we talk,” he said.

Correia’s mission is to raise awareness about alcohol abuse, and to share his story – especially with anyone struggling with the same problem – on his Facebook page and the through the Herren Project, a national nonprofit organization providing free resources and support for the treatment of substance abuse. It was started by Fall River native and former NBA player Chris Herren, who had to battle his own addictions that cost him his professional sports career before he finally got clean and dedicated his life to helping others. Correia is looking to do the same.

“The whole idea for this started about 25 years ago, when I was 13 years old and discovered that alcohol was my friend because it immediately made me feel better from my low self-esteem,” he said.

Correia said that alcohol addiction led him in and out of dozens of rehab centers, but he never hit his bottom until just recently.

“I lost my beautiful family that I love, and everything else I had to feed my addiction,” he said. “So, this past October, I made the decision to come to Colorado to meditate, and face my pain and my problem for real.”

January 1 is a time for new beginnings, and Correia specifically chose the day to start his 2,000-mile run from Denver, Colorado to a horse farm in Rochester, Massachusetts. Correia said he’s setting up a Facebook group for the run and will chat everyday about his experiences.

“If anyone wishes to run with me that would be great,” he said. “I have fellow runners in Indianapolis, Indiana and another in Cleveland, Ohio joining me already.”

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January means possible snow along much of the route, but Correia is up to the task.

“This run, in many ways, is like a spiritual marathon,” he said. “It will be difficult, like the battle of darkness was for me, but I’ll be running towards the rising light.”

Follow along with the journey, join up for some miles or make a donation on Graham Correia’s Facebook page.

Why is WBSM glorifying a man who abandoned his wife and family to move 2,000 miles away for some bullshit spiritual journey? We have rehab and detox facilities in Massachusetts. This is what this grown man with real life responsibilities voluntarily left behind to fend for themselves while he “runs towards the rising light” and meditates in Denver.

Yea, let’s give this guy the spotlight. Good job WBSM.

The truth of the story is that Graham hasn’t been sober for 7 months, he’s been sober for 6 weeks at best. His family and friends confronted him about his crack and alcohol addiction and he promised to seek treatment locally. This cycle of crack and alcohol abuse followed by months of of “recovery” via running has been going on for years.

According to sources his wife had enough and wanted a divorce, but since he’s a coward he decided to flea instead of fix the problem. Rather than seeking treatment and taking care of his family Graham quit his job as an electrician where he made a six figure salary, in order to be a free spirit, work in a deli, and sleep on his buddy’s couch in Colorado. He provides no financial support for the 17 and 4 year old children he abandoned for this spirit quest, and didn’t bother telling them before he left. No one was paying attention to his run for “awareness” so he contacted this boomer named Phil at WBSM and used their platform to paint himself as the poster child for recovery in order to feed his own narcissism.

And did I mention he’s also running away from creditors who are suing him in Wareham District Court?

Yea, I guess that wouldn’t look as good in the headline.

In conclusion, Graham Correia didn’t “lose his family.” He made a conscious decision to abandon them during the holiday season so he could pretend to be the poster child for recovery, even though he’s still very much an addict and likely always will be. There are many things he can do if he wanted to better himself, he’s just choosing not to do those things because he’s a manipulative, selfish, lying coward who doesn’t care if his wife and children starve while he goes on a spiritual journey through Indiana.

Real men take care of their kids. Maybe WBSM should highlight a father who beat addiction locally and is actively caring for his family instead of glorifying this clown.



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