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WBZ Cancels Phantom Gourmet After Cohost’s Facebook Posts Offend Online Mob Led By Woman Who Gave BJ In Southbridge Park And State Senator Who Put Bribe In Bra


Dave Andelman is the owner of the Mendon Drive In and cohost (along with his brother) of The Phantom Gourmet on WBZ.

Andelman’s Facebook posts were widely shared by black lives matter activists over the weekend in an attempt to shame him, because they violated the woke culture creed.

There’s nothing wrong with anything he posted there. I happen to agree with everything he wrote, but even if I didn’t that’s OK because I’m a grownup who understands that free people in a free country are allowed to disagree with me. At least we used to be able to disagree with each other, until corporations decided that they would capitulate to online mobs who arbitrarily decided that they could dictate business relationships between two parties they were unaffiliated with.

On June 4 Andelman made a post supporting Drew Brees for saying that he doesn’t support National Anthem protests, only to see Brees gutlessly take it back and apologize because his think skinned, triggered teammates got their feelings hurt over it.

Little did he know that a week later he would become Drew Brees after his posts were shared by online activists with too much time on their hands, prompting him to make this faux apology.

The only “mistake” Andelman made was apologizing. The mob doesn’t want your apology. They want you cancelled. They don’t want to get along with you, they want your scalp. Their entire reason for getting up every day is to cancel and silence people they don’t agree with. No apology will ever be good enough, and quite frankly you have nothing to apologize for. Everything you said was either true or your opinion, and millions of people agree with you.

And of course the mob did exactly what we all knew they would do.

If his jokes about choking on popcorn are “affecting” you, then you are a child and your opinions on everything should be ignored by people who actually matter. I also hope you choke on popcorn and die, except I’m not joking.

This is what BLM is really all about though.

They don’t want your fake apology, they want you to pay them.

“Hurtful opinions.”

If you’re so mentally weak that you are capable of being “hurt” by this:

Then you should give up on life, crawl up into a ball, and cry yourself to sleep.

Within hours the mob had accomplished its goal.

In a statement, station President and General Mark Lund wrote, “WBZ-TV is committed to our community, by working together, listening to one another, and supporting each other. After careful consideration, we have decided to place Phantom Gourmet on hiatus pending further review.”

The woke mobs aren’t the real problem right now. They will do what they do no matter what, and they have the First Amendment right to do so. The problem are the corporations that shamelessly give into these mobs. The only way to fight back against this sort of censorship is to play the game on their level. Any business that cancels advertising or any other sort of business relationship with a client because an online mob is mad about something the client said, should be destroyed by us. Flood them with one star reviews, destroy their reputations, find out where the woke people work and harass them there. When are people going to wake up and realize that this is a culture war? There are no rules anymore. They seek to destroy you so you must destroy them.

This is the type of individual WBZ just caved to.

“That’s a great start.”

Translation – they’re not done yet. Imagine making a business decision based on anything this useless, vapid clam has to say?

Look who else got in on it.

Dianne freaking Wilkerson. The disgraced State Senator who went to jail for three years for stuffing a bribe up her bra during a sting operation.

This pig at the trough is now part of the mob that thinks it has some sort of moral high ground. This is who WBZ gave into.

Another person leading the charge was Kristen Auclair, who is now organizing a protest of the drive in.


If her name sounds familiar it’s because she was a former Southbridge town councillor who resigned after being detained by Southbridge Police in 2018 after she got caught performing felatio on failed State Senate candidate Tom Merolli in a public park at 1 AM, while her boyfriend of five years was sitting at home.

The woman who gives BJ’s to failed politicians in public parks thinks she’s in a moral position to bully and harass a business owner into saying the things she demands he say.

But of course even with the show getting suspended the mob isn’t done with him yet.

Imagine waking up every day and the first thing on your to do list is to call a news station to demand a show be taken off the air because you didn’t like a Facebook post made by a guy who has since apologized for it? Imagine owning that station and caring the least bit what this smug little puke has to say about anything?

These troglodytes are winning the culture war because we let allow them to. Instead of giving them an inch when they get upset over your opinions the proper thing to do is to laugh at them, mock them, and urge your friends to harass them relentlessly so that they think twice about doing something like this ever again. This is what I’ve dedicated my business and my life to doing, and we’re still here. People who actually matter will still support you when you do. Useless slugs like this who weren’t patronizing your businesses in the first place only have power if you give it to them.


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