WBZ Reporter Kristina Rex Tells Falco K9 Victims She Won’t Honor Their Requests To Mention Turtleboy In Story Because “We Don’t Share With Other Media Outlets”


This is WBZ reporter Kristina Rex.

Today she decided to take an interest in the Falco K9 story we first reported on 2 months ago, now that Tyler Falconer has been charged with multiple counts of animal cruelty. She read our story and found the names of 3 former Falco clients who we sought out and interviewed in the articles.  She then reached out to them all and asked them if she could speak with them. All three of them made it clear to her that without Turtleboy there would be no story, and no charges. Our reporting WAS part of the story, and it would not be an accurate reporting if that were not mentioned.

But Kristina Rex is not a real reporter. She works for a corporate controlled entity that prevents her from doing actual research. She only has any relevance because she’s on television, which makes her believe that she’s important. One of the sources she reached out to specifically asked her if she was going to address the fact that WCVB reporter Katie Thompson Falconer was actively involved in silencing victims. Kristina admitted that she was aware of what Thompson had done (because she read our blogs) but that she would be ignoring that major aspect of the story as well.

Yea, it’s really too bad. Maybe you should, I dunno, report on it? But then when you see her at the cocktail party things would be a bit awkward, and we wouldn’t want that now would we?

Kristina Rex told the same woman that she wasn’t allowed to mention where this story came from because “he’s a different journalist and can’t use his work.”

Because apparently news outlets aren’t allowed to cite other news outlets.

Kristina told another Falco customer that she wouldn’t speak with me and the customer together as the customer requested because “we don’t normally share with other media outlets.”

So she will steal our labor and reporting, but she won’t share. But at least she admitted that Turtleboy is in fact media. Just not the kind of media her corporate masters allow her to cite as a source.

During the Zoom interview the customer made sure to mention our role in the story but Kristina told her she wouldn’t be including that.

I texted her myself but she didn’t respond after finding out who she was speaking with.

Mary Saladana from WCVB also reached out to our sources who made sure to point out that we did all the legwork on this story.

But she won’t include it either.

These people are nothing more than common thieves. We all know where the story came from. We all know that they ignored it because it made one of their colleagues look bad. We all know that they read about it on Turtleboy, which is how they find these customers. We all know that Tyler Falconer would continue to abuse dogs at his facility if we had not exposed him. We know that Turtleboy was the only media outlet that actually got him on record for an interview.

Sadly I’ve become used to this sort of thievery, and I’ll just keep reporting the real news anyway. It’s really more embarrassing for them to do it so blatantly and shamelessly.


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