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Webster Man Alleging He Was Victim Of Hate Crime In Charlton Was Previously Arrested And Fired As Southbridge Teacher For Sending Noodz To Child


Joseph Zuniga is a politically outspoken black lives matter activist from Webster.

Coincidentally he was the victim of a racially motivated verbal attack while ordering food at Dresser Hill Ice Cream and Seafood in Charlton, after a woman in a Trump mask and her male companion told him to leave the country for speaking Spanish in public.

No video of course, but it was still shared over 100 times and came to my attention. Nevertheless, I’m sure this definitely happened, and the political activist didn’t just decide to smear these people on Facebook because he hates Donald Trump. No way.

I thought the name Joseph Zuniga rang a bell so I decided to give him a quick Google, and as it turns out we  blogged him 5 years ago after he was fired from his job as a Southbridge High School Teacher for sending a male student noodz.

Southbridge Police said Zuniga, who is also listed as Joseph Zuniga-Santos, became Facebook friends with the student when the student was still 16. Zuniga had sent nude pictures to the student in 2014, but the student never responded to the messages, police said. Authorities said Zuniga, who was still at a teacher at the school, then sent more nude pictures to the student in August. The pictures were again sent through Facebook. The pictures contained nude images of Zuniga from the waist down. Some of the pictures included the teacher’s face, police said.

A year later he ended up getting probation and went on with his life like he’s not a deviant who preys upon children. As you can see on his Facebook page he’s constantly virtue signaling about how he’s on the right side of history, except for that time he sent a child pictures of his genitals. Besides that he’s a swell guy.

He’s gone on to meet with presidential candidates.

Is good friends with Worcester City Councilor Reverend Sarai “Ti-Ti” Ho Rivera.

And he also appears to have a young boy of his own.  What could possibly go wrong there?

In the least shocking turn of events ever he also had a similar incident with a Trump supporter at Walmart in 2018 because he chose to wear a provocative shirt out, which he posted about on Facebook.

And did I mention that in 2011, while still a student at Bartlett High School, the (after he contacted them) about how he was suspended for smearing one of his teachers as a racist on Facebook? Evidently he was upset because she wouldn’t exempt him from the final exam, because he’s special like that.







Almost as if smearing white people and victimizing himself is just kind of his thing.

Fake hate crimes are the worst and no one should smear innocent people like this. But if you’ve ever been fired from your teaching job because you sent a child pictures of your bologna baton on Facebook, you really shouldn’t lie about a fake hate crime.


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