Webster Woman Who Led Police On 5-Town High Speed Chase After Dragging Uxbridge Cop Has The Longest Criminal Record You’ve Ever Seen


Last week a rabid cheesehog led police on a high speed chase through Brimfield, Sturbridge, Southbridge, and Dudley before coming to a spectacular end the moment she crossed into Webster, in an attempt to avoid being arrested on warrants. Stop sticks were laid out on the Dudley-Webster border, which she attempted to evade and ended up hitting a motorcycle and parked car in the process. Unfortunately for her she still hit the stop sticks anyway, and this is how it ended.

From the unkempt, overgrown weeds sticking out of the pavement cracks in the abandoned lot, to the seemingly unfazed gawkers who have gotten used to watching incidents like this transpire on Main Street as they go to purchase more Red Bull and scratch tickets, everything about that landscape is so Webster it hurts.

Naturally the driver was well known to police, as she had a long criminal record and had to be extricated from the car by force.

Here is the diabetes dumpster slug in all her glory.

The night before Latihfa Morgan-Day was in Uxbridge when police saw her car, which the Webster Police had put a “be on the lookout” for, because of course she had warrants. When an Uxbridge police officer pulled her over and attempted to arrest her she took the cop for a ride by dragging him with her vehicle. She then fled to Brimfield, because if you’re a crusty beat up skag that no one wants, the best play to blend in is a town that’s known for antique shows.

There’s also a back story for why she had a BOLO on her when she dragged the cop in Uxbridge. On July 9, 2023, just two days before dragging the cop, police were again called to Baleen Latifha’s Lake Street apartment after her “victim” wife called police and said Latifha was trying to kill her. Latihfa also threatened to tie up her mother-in-law and force her to watch as she slit the throat of her 4 year old grandson. Danielle Morgan told police that she was afraid to come forward before (even though she has many times previously and chose to stay with her), because Baleen Latihfa was never incarcerated for prior violent charges. Danielle had a 6 month old bite mark on her arm from Latihfa, and her wife had previously stabbed someone and not gone to jail. This is what happens in a society where judges don’t put criminals in jail – people don’t bother calling the police, because what’s the point?

The stabbing incident Danielle was referring to happened in 2021 during a blind date from hell. Apparently Latihfa met some guy on a dating app but forgot to tell him that she’s a scissorsaurus. She invited him to their apartment in Worcester for drinks, but when he figured out she was living with her lesbian wife he decided it was time for the date to end. Baleen Latifha then did the only thing a rational person could do in a situation like this – grabbed a knife and stabbed him in the abdomen so hard that he could see his intestines.

She was arrested, couldn’t afford bail, and took a plea where she got time served with no additional jail time.

Judges look at the criminal backgrounds of defendants to determine how much of a threat they are to society. Judge David Despotopulos must’ve looked through her record and saw the dozens of prior violent charges from Webster and Worcester District courts.

He would’ve seen that she did 60 days in 2018 for B&E and destruction of property.

But he decided that she needed another chance to prove she could obey the law. To the shock of nobody who studies the behavior of ratchets, Latihfa did not change her behavior. In December of 2022 she violated probation for a previous charge when she arrested for DUI and A&B on a cop in Lowell.

Baleen Latihfa used to live in Worcester but burned way too many bridges there. So she did what ratchets do when they want to get out of the city and move to the suburbs, but still don’t wanna be around nice things – moved to Webster. In February of 2023 she was charged with disturbing the peace, after her downstairs neighbor called police after hearing a loud altercation between Baleen Latifha and her wife Danielle. When police arrived Baleen pulled a trick she’s pulled before by pretending to be in the shower, except she forgot that the shower makes your hair wet, and when she came out with her hair completely dry she blew her cover. The cop asked them to stop being so ratchet and disturbing their neighbors, but “she retained exactly none of what I tried to explain to her.” After they left Baleen Latifha and her “victim” wife began stomping on the floor and harassing the downstairs neighbor for calling the cops on them, while shouting “B**** you can’t get d*** or p****, f*** you for calling the police.” Their former roommate also has a restraining order on her because she threatened him with a knife, and the responding officer had previously been bitten by Baleen Latihfa, which is why she was on probation.

So that’s nice.

The cop helped Danielle get an emergency restraining order, and when they returned to her apartment Latihfa had destroyed the TV and thrown bleach all over her clothes.

Good thing this diversity donkey isn’t in jail. Then we wouldn’t have equity.

In case you’re inclined to feel bad for her wife, here’s Danielle’s Google trophies in Worcester and Webster.

She seems nice.

Danielle could leave Baleen Latihfa whenever she wants, but she’s really just a half step above her on the ratchet meter. There are a plethora of police reports documenting their tumultuous relationship, like this 2020 incident when they were living on Vernon Street in Worcester.

Baleen Latifha is extremely dangerous and has no regard for human life. In 2016 she was charged with A&B with a dangerous weapon and was held on $100K bond.

So this sort of violent behavior is nothing new, yet she remained free after doing a month her and there in the house of correction.

In Feburary of 2023 (right before she was arrested again) recent Charlie Baker-appointee Judge Nicole Colby Longton sentenced her to more probation after she took a plea on the biting of the cop charge, vandalizing property, and A&B with a dangerous weapon on a household member.

A month later in March the DA’s office attempted to hold her without bail for violating that probation but Judge Welsh denied their motion, because….equity.

This woman is a violent sociopath who exists only to cause harm and destruction, and has no redeemable character traits that will ever make her a useful person to society. In a state where the courts worked for us she would’ve been locked up a long time ago, because she’s made it clear she has no intention of obeying the law. But in Massachusetts the courts do not work for us, they work to protect shitbags, while going after law abiding innocent people like Karen Read.



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