Wellesley Middle School Teacher Sends Email To Students Banning White Kids From Attending Safe Space Zoom Call For Students Of Color To Process “Racially Motivated” Atlanta Shooting


This is Michele Gabrielson, a 7th grader social studies teacher at Wellesley Middle School, and a historical tour guide through the Freedom Trail in Boston.

She is one of many people lying to the public right now that the killing of 8 people at an Asian owned massage parlor in Atlanta was a racially motivated attack. The shooter, per his own admission, is a deranged sex addict who blamed rub and tugs for feeding his addiction. Rub and tugs just happen to be primarily owned and operated by Korean women, so when he shot them up 6 of the 8 people left dead were Korean. The other two were white.

But the blood wasn’t even dry before every mainstream media outlet and cultural institution in the country denounced it as a racist attack, motivated by Trump calling COVID the “China virus.” To people like this, who claim not to be racist, all Asian people are the same. Korean, Chinese – they don’t know the difference.

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Don’t let these lies go unchallenged. Call it out every time you see it. What they’re doing is divisive, politically motivated, and is being done so that the government can justify curtailing your civil liberties in the name of collective safety. They will use incidents like this to push for more gun control and to chip away at the First Amendment by banning “hate speech” that they arbitrarily decided was the sole cause of this attack.

No one in this country blames the lockdowns and virus spreading on Asian people. That’s not a thing. We blame the Chinese Communist Party, which allowed it to happen. But we primarily blame our own government for destroying the lives of millions of people in order to stop a virus which they clearly are incapable of stopping.

Some have argued that we can’t believe the killer himself when he says it wasn’t racially motivated. After all, he’s a murderer. But Georgia is a death penalty state. What sense does it make for him to admit to 8 murders but deny being a racist? It doesn’t, but they will ignore this common sense logic and hope you don’t challenge them.

Yesterday Michele Gabrielson sent out an email on behalf of the district’s newly formed “Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion,” announcing that there would be a “healing space” for Asian-American students and staff, as well as other “BIPOC,” who wish to “process” the killing of 8 people in Atlanta at an Asian owned massage parlor. Except there was just one caveat – white kids and teachers were explicitly told that they were not allowed to attend this zoom meeting.

Luckily it’s only for those who “identify” as white, and if you can identify as a woman then logically you can identify as the race of your choice as well.

This is blatantly racist and discriminatory. It’s a government institution legally enforcing segregation. You can’t be denied access to a club in a public school because of the color of your skin. Trust me, I was in the Asian club in high school.

What makes it even more absurd is that black and Latino students are allowed to attend, but not white students or teachers. Even though two white people were killed during the attack and zero black and brown people were. What exactly do black kids in Wellesley have to “process” in this “safe space” because a deranged sex addict shot up a rub and tug? Nothing. This is just an excuse for the WPS to discriminate against children based on their racial identity. And it will keep happening if you don’t stand up to critical race theory in your school district.

On top of that she also says in the email that in her second and third period classes she will be doing a lesson (remotely so that she doesn’t get the China virus) “reflecting on Tuesday night’s hate crimes against members of the Asian community.” In other words, the teacher is intentionally teaching children something that is untrue in order to push her political agenda. As a graduate and long term defender of the public schools I’m finding it increasingly harder to continue to do so by the day.

On “Miss Gabe’s” website she has links to several of her lessons which show that she’s constantly pushing her political agenda onto young children. Under the “identity and race” tab she has a “diversity in emojis” section:

They’ve added Non-binary emojis and disabilities. I thought it would be nice to share it with you. The White shirts are non- gendered or could be [used with the pronoun] They. 

Cultural Appropriation:

Go to the Party City website and document which costumes are examples of appropriation and why.

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She urged students to write letters to Amazon about how offended they were by soap:

For this challenge, write a letter to either Amazon about your feelings about this item available for purchase, or to Dove about the steps they are taking to make their labeling more acceptable.

She also forces students to read and reflect on a BLM propaganda fictional book called “The Hate U Give,” by activist Angie Thomas, as well as watching Black Panther and answering some questions. She forces students to listen to Greta Thunberg speeches and write about “why climate change awareness is so desperately needed.” She even has them reading Noam Chomsky’s version of history.

Someone may also want to tell Michele Gabrielson that she herself is participating in a racist system by dressing up as a colonial era white woman. After all, white women like that stood by and did nothing while enjoying the products made by slaves in southern colonies. Might as well come to school dressed as Hitler.

Other students at Wellesley High School were forced to reflect on a BLM presentation the school put on by completing this survey.

The BLM flag means to me exactly what BLM outlines in their mission statement – the abolishment of police, jails, the nuclear family, and capitalism. It also means condoning racism, violence, and looting, as well as using the death of a black man at the hands of a rogue cop in Minnesota to raise billions of dollars to bail criminals out of jail. That’s what the BLM flag means to me.

This is Dr. Charmie Curry, the Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, who ultimately made the call to ban white students from attending this safe space on Zoom.

She is a racist and a bigot who gets paid a six figure salary to discriminate against white children and faculty so that white liberals in Wellesley, who have chosen to isolate themselves from black and brown people by artificially driving up home prices, can feel less racist about their decision to do so. People are afraid to stand up to folks like her because they’re afraid that she will call them a racist and their lives will be ruined. But this is why we exist – to say the truthful things that you can’t.

Public schools belong to the public, and teachers have no business or right to push their political ideology on students. However, because they present their political viewpoints as morally superior they get away with it. But there’s nothing moral about segregation, racism, and discrimination, all of which the WPS are pushing on children.

If you’d like to respectfully email Charmie, Michele, or other administrators to let them know what you think of this institutional racism in the Wellesley Public Schools here is how you can reach them:

[email protected]

[email protected]

WMS Principal Mark Ito –  

WHS Principal Jamie Chisum – [email protected]

Superintendent David Lussier – 


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