West Haven Mom Accused Of Scamming Strangers In Mommy Facebook Group By Telling Sob Story, Asking Them To Bring Gifts To Baby Shower


This is Jessica Lewis Duquette from West Haven, CT.

David Lee Goth here recently posted in a Connecticut Moms Facebook group, along with a horror metal Facebook group, announcing that she was having a baby shower that no one was coming to, and was looking for strangers to show up with gifts for her.


“It’s kind of a given.”

Actually, it’s not. It’s kind of a given when you have a shower that people you actually know will show up and shower you with gifts. But you don’t know any of these people, so if they show up for moral support you should probably just accept that and say thank you like a normal human being. And if you don’t have any friends around, it’s probably not a good idea to have an expensive shower in the first place. Also, what’s this guy’s deal?

His name is Bill Duquette and apparently they are married. So, is he gonna chip in or would you prefer to rely on guilting strangers into feeling bad for you?

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She already has two other kids, one of which she has custody of.

Oh, and she’s a recovering drug addict too, who likes to shame people like herself who ask strangers for handouts.

Because of her reputation Fawn ended up getting booted from the CT Moms group, after being accused of reselling donated goods.

So the moral of the story here is if you’re gonna have a baby shower then make sure you have friends and family who will go before paying to rent the hall. Whatever you do, don’t expect strangers to pay for your shower. Or just don’t have a shower at all. Just be a grown up and take care of your kids.



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