West Roxbury Life Coach/Real Estate Guru Claiming To Be Close Friends With Ana Walshe In Dozens Of Media Appearances Seems To Barely Know Her


This is Pamela Bardhi from West Roxbury.

She’s been front and center on the news for the last few weeks, essentially acting as a spokesperson for missing Cohasset mother Ana Walshe. She’s been interviewed by CNN, Fox News, and several Boston media outlets. Bardhi has described her friend as a “brilliant businesswoman,” a “radiant spirit, the kind of person that when you walk into a room you just feel her energy,”

She said that Ana was a “power woman and just a businesswoman” who never talked about her personal life much, unless if it was about her kids.

In her interview with Fox News she said that when she saw the social media posts about Ana being missing, “my stomach turned upside down, I knew something was wrong.”

She held a candlelight vigil for Ana on January 12, in which she stated that she was praying for closure.

Last week when it was announced that Brian Walshe would be charged with murdering his wife Pam Bardhi just happened to be waiting outside the courthouse, ready to conduct interviews about her thoughts. She told reporters that she was full of rage on behalf of her dear friend Ana.

On January 17 she was interviewed by News Nation and had more personal anecdotes to share about her relationship with Ana.

You would think that these two were really close, since Pamela Bardhi seems to be the only friend of Ana Walshe who is constantly in front of cameras and willing to take interviews. Yet she has never once gotten emotional during one of these interviews, and repeats a lot of the same talking points. She makes you believe that the two of them were around each other a lot.

“Her boys were everything. She was driven, supermom, super radiant spirit. You walked into a room you feel her energy. She was either dancing, smiling, laughing, that was Ana.”

“It’s been extremely difficult to process. It’s almost like you knew, but you didn’t know at the same time. You didn’t want to believe it. Today came as this massive fear, this massive rage in me, but there was also this massive relief because maybe there would be some justice for her.”

“I knew her in the professional setting. She really talked about business all the time, talked about her boys all the time, never really mentioned him. But I have heard now that she didn’t talk about him much.”

“When I saw the missing post on social media my stomach, every fabric of my being said that something horrible has happened here. My intuition, I looked at that and I said that’s not Ana, something was wrong.” 

“How could this high powered supermom that I know go missing.”

“I said that’s not Ana” would seem to indicate that she knew this woman extremely well, and recognized when her behavior was out of the ordinary. But yet she had no idea that Ana was still living in Cohasset while working in DC during the week.

“I thought she moved.”

There seems to be no evidence whatsoever that Pamela Bardhi was ever friends with Ana Walshe. They were never friends on Facebook, and they didn’t follow each other on Instagram.

There are no pictures of Pamela on Ana’s page. There were also no pictures of Ana on Pamela’s page, and she has since removed all posts since 2007.

Pamela Bardhi portrays herself online as some sort of highly successful real estate/life coach millionaire entrepreneur. She made sure it said as much during her many TV interviews.

She presents herself as the rags to riches daughter of immigrants, refers to herself as the “real estate underdog” who runs a 9 figure real estate business, and says she has been featured in Forbes and Time Magazine by the time she was 27 years old. Although she is a real estate developer by trade, she has transitioned to life coaching, public speaking, and “building an international real estate team,” according to her website. She also makes the dubious claim that her podcast, “The Underdog Show,” is in the top 1.5% of podcasts worldwide.

Her professional bio says that she started in her family’s pizza shop in Boston when she was 10, and had started two restaurants of her own by the time she was 21. Shortly after that she began flipping homes and has been rich and famous since then. She claims to have graduated from Harvard Business School while doing all of this.

But despite being one of the most downloaded podcasts in the world, her promo video has less than 100 views as of the time of this publication.

If you search for her on YouTube you will find no shortage of interviews she’s conducted on channels with almost no subscribers and very few viewers. She loves to talk about herself, regardless of who’s listening, despite allegedly being very wealthy, busy, and well known.


She constantly mentions being featured in Time and Forbes Magazine, as if these publications sought her out for a story they were doing on successful businesswomen.

But if you search for her article on Forbes you find this article that she authored herself, which mostly is just a copy and paste of her alleged background, while bragging about how successful she is. It’s filled with cliches about how you can be rich and famous too if you network, hustle, “invest in education,” build self confidence, “be fearless,” and be a “team player.” Extremely generic stuff that would help you become as rich as her.

When I first started, I would never have imagined I would go from six figures in debt to making seven-figure commissions by the time I was 28. By sharing these lessons, I hope I have inspired you to shatter glass ceilings and live your dream career.

When you search for her name on Time Magazine nothing comes up at all. As for Harvard Business School, she may have graduated from there, but it’s very impressive that she found the time to do that while being a millionaire by the time she was 28. Due to the enormity of her success Stonehill College, where she also graduated from, invited her to be a guest speaker. She mostly just repeated all of the things she says all the time. Pam also sold a book called Cracking The Rich Code, about how you can “crush in life and real estate,” which she claims is co-authored by Tony Robbins.

But people in West Roxbury have been skeptical of her story for years. They’ve noticed how she always seems to be seeking out the media and gaining attention for herself, yet no one seems to know what she does, other than spew a bunch of cliches and talk about herself. On her website you can purchase thousands of dollars worth of services from her. Here’s what you get for your money:


Basically you get access to her, meetings with her, free copies of her books, “coaching sessions” ($10K value), clarity sessions, life design, vision sessions, your choice of strategy sessions, and access to her contacts. I have no idea what any of that actually means, but she wears a pant suit gives Ted Talks, and makes inspirational memes, so she must know what she’s talking about.

I guess she’s a “best selling author” too. Pamela also charges $10K-20K for speaking appearances, despite going on YouTube shows with almost no viewers, so clearly she is in high demand. She’s a fierce, powerful girl boss, and if you give her enough money then you may learn her secrets to wealth and power.

Despite claiming to have sold two restaurants by the time she was 21, no one we spoke with seems to know what those restaurants were. However, we do know that she opened a gelato store in West Roxbury in 2015 called Ria Gelato Cafe, which failed.

I messaged Pamela about her relationship with Ana last week and she told me that she was friends through business, and that the two of them were colleagues before Ana took the job in DC.

Pamela has previously stated that she knew Ana for 1.5 years, which conflicts with the fact that Ana took the job in DC long before that.

I asked her if she had any pictures of her with her good friend, but she couldn’t find any. She admittedly said that they were not very close.

But if she wasn’t close with Ana then why is she constantly portraying herself as such to the media?

After Brian Walshe was charged with murder and Pamela was all over the news against I messaged her to ask if Ana’s family was at court, as I found it odd that Pamela is the only person who ever seems to speak on Ana’s behalf. She once again referred me to an event Ana attended.

Here is video that features Ana at the event. Pamela does not appear with her at all, yet she seems to remember a lot of personal things Ana told her.

Then I asked her about her start in business, and in particular the names of the restaurants she opened and sold. She never told me what they were.

Maybe you have to pay $10K to find out the answer. Not sure if that comes in the coaching package.

On January 15 Pamela made a lengthy Facebook post that seemed a little defensive of her media appearances.

This reads like someone responding to criticism about why they’re on TV so much if they barely knew Ana. That’s why she felt the need to point out that they had “lengthy conversations,” and that their relationship “became more personal” when Ana got the DC job, while also becoming more distant.

Then she justified her TV appearances and made it all about herself by talking about an unnamed mentor, who she claims was murdered, and said that the police never solved the murder because there weren’t enough people talking about it on TV. So basically, she seems to be admitting that she wasn’t really friends with Ana, but she stepped up to the plate to conduct all these interviews because it could lead to justice.

I’m pretty sure Brian Walshe’s Google searches were going to take care of that on their own.

It’s clear at this point that Pamela Bardhi is an attention seeking narcissist who is using the tragic death of a woman she barely knew in order to get on the news and promote her brand. I don’t know if she’s a complete fraud or if she’s as wealthy as she portrays herself as. All I know is that anyone who makes a tragedy all about them has serious issues, and I wouldn’t trust anyone like Pamela with life advice.


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