West Springfield Brewery Hosts Sexual Drag Event With 6 Year Old Girl Dancing For Dollars In Front Of Parents And Town Officials 


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A West Springfield brewery called Two Weeks Notice Brewing Co. held a drag queen event for children last month, and we’ve recently obtained video footage from the event showing a 6 year old Springfield girl being sexualized in front of a room full of adults, including her parents. Here’s the first video showing the girl dancing provocatively for dollars as a bunch of adults cheer her on.

The fact that this many adults could be in a room together at the same time, and not one of them has the courage to stand up say “this is wrong,” shows you how utterly lost our society is. Each and every person in that room belongs in jail. They should named, shamed, and banished from respectable public life for eternity.

Here are the lyrics to the song she was dancing to:

Romantic talking? You don’t even have to try

You’re cute enough to f*ck with me tonight

Looking at the table all I see is weed and white

Baby, you living the life, but ni**a you ain’t livin’ right

Cocaine and drinking with your friends

You live in the dark, boy, I cannot pretend

I’m not fazed, only here to sin

If Eve ain’t in your garden, you know that you can

Call me when you want, call me when you need

Call me in the morning, I’ll be on the way

Call me when you want, call me when you need

Call me out by your name, I’ll be on the way like

Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm

Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm

Ayy, ayy

I wanna sell what you’re buying

I wanna feel on your a** in Hawaii

I want that jet lag from fu*king and flying

Shoot a child in your mouth while I’m riding

Never want the niggas that’s in my league

I wanna fu** the ones I envy, I envy

Cocaine and drinking with your friends

You live in the dark, boy, I cannot pretend

I’m not fazed, only here to sin

This song is literally about a man cumming in a woman’s mouth on a plane to Hawaii while they’re high on cocaine. Feel free to ask Two Weeks Notice Brewery why they would host a sex show for children on their Facebook page.

That girl is literally being taught to dance for dollars. She’s six. A man in high heels with his face painted like a clown was throwing dollars on the ground so she would pick them up like a hooker.

Meanwhile this dude was appropriately dressed in prisoner garb with his bulge sticking out, loving every minute of the dancing child in front of him.

Update – this blog initially said that two woman seen on video were reportedly former members of the Town Council. However, we can’t confirm that so we removed reference to it.

These are the people pushing “diversity, equity, and inclusion” on everyone else, so that they can participate in sexual events for children and not feel like the grooming quasi-pedophiles that they are emulating. People like them will tell you that this it’s important to expose children to drag queens so that we can teach them to embrace people who look different from them. Except they never do this with burn victims, midgets, the blind, or other people who are different through no fault of their own. Drag queens CHOOSE to dress like hookers and mock womanhood. There is no difference between what they do and Vaudeville performers in blackface, mocking what it means to be black. Bringing children to drag queen events to embrace diversity is like brining children to a strip club to embrace feminism.

The drag queen performance group they were watching is called House of Hors. Get it? It’s like House of Horrors, except they’re Hors.

Obviously the pun is that they’re supposed to a bunch of whores, because drag queen is sexualized performance of men mocking what it means to be a woman by dressing like cheap prostitutes and acting as sexually provocative as possible. You’re supposed to pretend like this is actually a good thing because stomaching this garbage in public makes you inclusive, or something.

The House of Hors events typically cost $30 to get in, so all of those people paid to be there and knew exactly what the performance was going to be. The group was originally called Hors D’oeuvres, and was created by an Amherst elementary school employee, according to a Hampshire Gazette story from 2019.

Mazzei, 33, is from the Valley and now works at an elementary school in Amherst. She has been doing drag since 2012 when she was inspired by performers at Diva’s Nightclub, the now-closed Northampton venue where she worked.

The story contains images of men in drag spanking grown adults who stick their ass out at them.

This is basically a room full of people laughing at high school sex jokes they were supposed to have grown out of. But because it’s a man in drag doing it, they’re somehow embracing diversity by pretending it’s funny. Even the directer of Northampton Pride spoke out against it in the Gazette story:

Recently, J.M. Sorrell, former spokesperson for Noho Pride, wrote an opinion piece published in the Gazette criticizing drag queens, particularly their strong presence at Noho Pride, and calling the entertainment form a kind of misogyny. “I have a problem with men ridiculing women as sport,” she wrote.

Exactly. Drag ridicules what it means to be a woman. It is the most blatant form of misogyny that exists today.

This is Lindsee and Nick Keefe, the parents of the girl dancing for dollars at the House of Hors event, hosted by the West Springfield Brewery.

She goes by the nickname Edgar Allan Hoe, because 6th grade sex humor amuses her, despite having a legitimate job as a data engineer for Coca-Cola.

She has a vagina, functional ovaries, and is clearly a woman. Yet she wants to be addressed with she/they pronouns, because how else can a white woman pretend to be marginalized without made up pronouns?

Nick is a chode with a comic book business called Slasher Comics. Here’s his business Facebook page if you’d like to leave a review.

Nick does not look like the prototypical soy boy who would cosign on exposing his child to graphic sexual dancing, but yet he does. That’s because we live in a society that is lacking masculinity. Back when men used to be men this is when fathers would intervene and say “we’re not going to allow our daughter to be exposed to degenerate sex shows.” But thanks to every MSNBC men now believe that being masculine means you do the exact opposite.


Here’s the video Lindsee Keefe still has posted on Facebook and TikTok, where you can hear the man in high heels with the microphone saying “mother fuckers” after watching this child perform for dollar bills.

Here’s a compilation video Lindsee posted of her daughter being groomed and sexualized. At one point a man dressed as a woman, with his nipples hanging out, grabs his crotch repeatedly in a sexual manner as the little girl holds out a dollar bill.

This dude was literally stripping for the child.

If you think any of this is appropriate for a 6 year old girl you should lose custody of any children you have and spend the rest of your life rotting in prison where you belong. This is not a controversial point of view.

In another video from the event you can see Carly Carmossi, who is listed as an employee of the Mayor on the town’s website, and a West Springfield firefighter as well.

This is Carmossi.


Here’s an even more disturbing video Mom posted on TikTok, showing that she takes this girl to drag events all the time. At one point during the video a man in drag simulates yanking two penises while they ejaculate on his face. The video also shows Mom bending over to be spanked, her daughter spreading her legs for a dollar after being encouraged by a man in drag, a man spreading his legs in front of the girl, another man embracing the child, and other behavior that no responsible parent would ever tolerate.

The alphabet mafia will tell you that drag isn’t sexual. So how do you explain what this is?

Why is his mouth open? Why are his hands forming a circle the shape of an erect penis as he directs them repeatedly towards his open mouth? How is this sex simulation, just feet from a child, appropriate?

I first became aware of these videos after a guy I follow on Twitter who goes by the Dalton Report shared it.

From there it caught on and eventually Mom had the nerve to ask people to take it down.

It’s literally all over you social media, you disgusting excuse for a mother. You should feel ashamed and humiliated, and lucky that you’re not in jail. You wanted this attention. You intentionally put your daughter on every platform possible because it was what YOU wanted to do, not her. This is not what normal 6 year olds want to spend their weekends doing. It’s what YOU and your friends find entertaining because you’re adults. You’re a selfish, horrible excuse for a mother, and the fact that you haven’t deactivated all of your accounts indicates that you see nothing wrong with this.

They also seem to expose their kid to something called Black Craft Cult, which no child would show an interest in on their own, and dresses her up like an ICP groupie. 


But then they go back to their normal life of season tickets for the Springfield Falcons minor league hockey team, and selling girl scout cookies at the supermarket.

This really says it all.

Actually, the only drag queen place that has ever been shot up was the one where a nonbinary dude with nonbinary parents went in and killed some straight people. MSNBC and CNN blamed it on Christian white supremacy or something, so naturally these idiots shared their memes while ironically demanding that misinformation be censored.

This post really says it all.

Your daughter has a “wild life,” because you chose this for her. She didn’t just one day decide to wanna watch men in drag perform sexually for her. She didn’t decide to become an ICP groupie. You did this to her because you put your wants and desires over what is best for you child, and then brought her along for the ride so that you could get more attention for yourself. You won’t go to jail for this, but you will be publicly shamed, as you should be.


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