Poor Behavior

West Springfield Drag Queen Posts Sexually Provocative Images With Minors Drinking Alcohol On Instagram Account With 13K Followers


This is Jeffrey McAdam, AKA “Big black Jeffrey,” from West Springfield.

Jeffrey is somewhere on the BLT-123 spectrum, and is the lead candidate for keynote speaker at the 2024 DNC. He was also recently accused on Facebook of posting sexually inappropriate things with minors on social media.

His pages are wide open, and he has over 13,000 followers on IG.

Let’s check out some of Big Black Jeffrey’s finer work on the Gram to see if there’s any legitimacy to the claim that he is partying with minors.

That girl on the left looks like she’s too young to date Woody Allen. And these aren’t totally disturbing or anything.







Yea, these girls look totally of age to consent to sex and drink Hennessy, and aren’t drugged out of their minds.



And just in case you didn’t think that this 25 year old man was hanging out with minors, he wished one of them (who he calls his bestie) a happy 17th birthday in a hotel selfie with her holding a bottle of booze.

Lots of non-deviant 25 year old men procure alcohol for minors so they can take pictures like this in hotel rooms.

That was a recent picture. Here’s an older one of the same girl when she was just 16 being bent over a car by Sergeant Sausage.

Notice the Malibu in the background. This one definitely looks of age too.

Other people apparently allow their small children around this guy and don’t complain when he posts their images alongside his softcore transgender porn, which seems like really responsible parenting.


A lot of people call me transphobic, but if this is what it looks like to embrace transgenderism then its a badge I wear with honor. Transphobic as charged. If you think any of this is OK or normal then I’m not the one with the problem. Only a horrible, deranged person who shouldn’t be allowed to have children would possibly come to the conclusion that this is OK. If you think people’s daughters should be forced to share a locker room with this 25 year old male predator then you are a pedophile enabler. You’re not a good person by throwing around words like “equality” if this is what “equality” looks like. I know it feels good to say that, but you’re really just green lighting this dude’s predatory behavior, which makes you just as bad as he is. Sadly the majority of people who voted in November basically endorsed this and said it was OK. But at least it’s not mean tweets from Trump. Those are bad.

Big Black Jeffrey could easily do what he does with women his own age, but he chooses to hang out with teenage girls and sexualize them. He also gets them booze, which is illegal. These pictures are public for anyone to see, including the police, and the West Springfield Police should be alerted. Feel from to contact them on Facebook by clicking here, or file a report anonymously by clicking here


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