West Warwick Mother Fights To Regain Custody Of Children By Filming Herself Driving While Taking Jello Shots And Smoking Blunts


Megan Portrais is a West Warwick mother of four.

Unfortunately for her she currently has custody of none of them, but she’s working hard to get them back during quarantine. Her plan is simple – record herself driving around with her friends while smoking blunts, taking jello shots, and singing along to sexually suggestive rap lyrics.


As long as those things are listed in her parental unification plan she should regain custody any day now.

She’s anxious for quarantine to end so she can get back to her favorite past times.

She’s also attempting to get her children’s childcare provider fired after assuming that a joke the woman made about the stimulus check was directed towards her.

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She wanted to make it clear that she will in fact be getting a check, but she also wants to cast judgment on other parents who she considers to be deadbeats.

No lack of self-awareness here. None at all.

She’s also making declarations to rival ratchets on Facebook to let them know that they will not be able to fornicate with their baby daddy if she saw him first.

That would definitely be a priority of mine if my kids were taken from me by the state. At least I think that’s what she’s saying there. I don’t speak fluent ratchet. Perhaps she can call into the live show this weekend to clarify.

Don’t get it twisted though folks – she’s a good mom who always “DO WHAT IS BEST FOR THE KIDS.”

Yea guys, her kids always come first. Unless of course jello shots or male reproductive organs emerge. Then they come like 3rd or fourth, but definitely still in the top 5.


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