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Westerly Mom Asks For Privacy After Letting Kids Get In Car With Junkie Fiance Who Hit 8 Bikers In Northfield While Driving Under The Influence


Source: A Westerly man accused of driving under the influence with two children in his car and crashing into a group of motorcyclists appeared in court Tuesday in Massachusetts. Investigators said Ryan O’Farrell’s license was already suspended in Connecticut and that by law, he shouldn’t have been driving Sunday.

According to the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office, at around 1 p.m. on Sunday 32-year-old Ryan O’Farrell of Westerly, Rhode Island was driving an SUV pulling a trailer carrying a motorcycle south on Route 10 when he crossed over a solid yellow double center lane. His vehicle then struck five motorcycles heading north. The motorcyclists were part of a group of a Connecticut motorcycle club that were riding up from Connecticut.

The Northwestern District Attorney’s Office said O’Farrell pleaded not guilty to the following charges: nine counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon; seven counts of operating under the influence of drugs causing serious bodily injury; operating under the influence of drugs; two counts of child endangerment; negligent operation of a motor vehicle; unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle; operating an unregistered motor vehicle. A Greenfield District Court judge ordered O’Farrell held without bail and granted the prosecution’s request for a dangerousness hearing at the end of June.

Police said eight people were seriously injured when the 32-year-old man crossed over the double yellow line in Northfield, Massachusetts, and hit five motorcycles. Police said the riders were from Connecticut and that they were 12 miles from their destination, a barbecue in New Hampshire.

During Tuesday’s hearing, investigators said one of the children warned O’Farrell his driving seemed dangerous. Prosecutors said O’Farrell admitted to taking multiple prescribed medications, including Suboxone, before getting behind the wheel. Suboxone is used to treat opioid addiction. Authorities also said O’Farrell took two prescribed psychological drugs that allegedly have warning labels that they cause fatigue and sleepiness as a side effect.

There was no update about the several victims, other than some were still in critical condition.

You know you’re a complete f*** up when your kids in the backseat realize that you’re high and tell you that what a horrible driver you are right before crashing into 8 bikers while ironically hauling a motorcycle in a trailer.

This is eerily similar to the Russian truck driver Boris Clitoris who killed 7 bikers in New Hampshire in 2019 while driving under the influence of drugs.

And just like with that chud, Ryan O’Farrell had the “disease” that makes him rob banks in Connecticut.

For that reason he lost custody of his kids and got “clean” by replacing one drug (heroin) for another (suboxone). He reportedly had gotten custody of his 2 kids back recently, despite an arrest last year in Stonington, CT for assault, second degree breach of peace, interfering with an emergency call, and DUI.

He had no license and is still addicted to drugs, but DCYF let him have custody of his kids anyway. It’s OK though, because he’s stable now and has a job as a professional poker player in Las Vegas.

Yes, please “invest” in this man so he can take your money and spend it gambling in Vegas. He’s a professional!

According to his Facebook page Ryan got engaged to his baby mama Courtney Beck in September, and had a wedding date set for October.

Which happened to be the same month that he was going to play in the World Series of Poker. Shockingly neither appeared to happen.

Courtney also has a plethora of Google trophies herself, including an arrest in 2020 for breach of peace, which she usually has as a side dish with third degree assault.


Isn’t that cute? That got matching charges!

Now Mom is asking for privacy because she’s going through a lot and is obviously the victim here.

You chose to get knocked up by this suboxone sloth.


You knew he was a junkie who got charged with DUI a year ago, you knew he had no license, and yet you still allowed him to take the 2 kids you just got custody of on an interstate trip in an unregistered vehicle with a trailer attached. Now you want us to respect your privacy when 8 innocent people were nearly killed, and one of them is in danger of having a leg amputated.

Nah. I’m gonna go ahead and judge you for the trash queefs that you are.

Hopefully your kids have some other relatives nearby who can fill the void since you both completely failed at parenting.


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