Westfield Man Price Gouging Lysol And Toilet Paper On Facebook Marketplace Accuses Critics Of Being “Big Mad”


Price gouging during a national emergency is a morally bankrupt thing to do, and although it might be legal it’s entirely appropriate to call out people who try to profit off of a crisis. This is Mark Scott from Westfield, and as you can see from his choice of headwear, he was born to be on TB.

If overdue child support had a face.

Bone Slugs in Harmony has been stocking up on Lysol and toilet paper, which he’s selling for the generous price of $7.50 a roll, and $50 or $20 per bottle, depending on the size.

He’s had this planned for quite a while, and seems to think that hoarding and then reselling essentials during a crisis makes him a legitimate businessman.

Heavy D Cups was rightfully called out by members of the community for being a waste of a perfectly good climax, but instead of being embarrassed he laughed at the haters for being “big mad.”

“Don’t do cop s***.”

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If you’ve ever uttered those words out of your mouth it’s a guarantee that you could get me half priced food stamps in less than 30 minutes.

He does have his supporters though.


I expected nothing less from a guy who takes hoodrat glamor shots in front of a Honda Civic in what appears to be a nice neighborhood.

When you’re from the burbs but your parents got a divorce and you rebelled by listening to rap music.

“That’s what a business does.”

Contrary to popular ratchet belief, price gouging hoarded goods you bought at Walmart is not a business.

“What’s wrong with making something that’s in high demand.”

Right. Because he made the toilet paper and the Lysol and has permission from those companies to resell their product at an exorbitant price.

He also appears to be single ladies. Sure, he might be a degenerate whose income depends on price gouging during national emergencies, but at least he’s good for something.

So give him a call if you’re looking for 30 seconds of pleasure followed by 20 years of “I’m a single Mom and need help with Christmas gifts for my crotch fruit” online begging.


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