Westford Man Brags About Confronting 20 White Men Around Town For Violating Mask Mandate Despite Never Wearing A Mask Himself


This is Claude Maddox from Westford.

He’s been brainwashed with disinformation by Rachel Maddow and Occupy Democrats, and has appointed himself Chief of the Mask Police in Westford, but no one is respecting his authority!

I thought this was a joke at first. Surely no man could go on a public forum and emasculate himself in such a manner. But this is what we are dealing with here.

Plus, his name is Claude. You can’t be named Claude and not be a chode. That’s just science.

“I have confronted many since the pandemic began.”

How come these people never confront me? I will only wear a mask in extreme conditions where I have no choice but to, and I’ve yet to have a single person say anything to me. Please, confront me Claude. That would be fun.

“it is very much my own business.”

No, it’s actually not Claude. You’re just a snitch who got picked on as kid and suddenly feels empowered with made up authority for the first time in his pathetic, meaningless existence.

“What happened to respect for science? For the rules? For reality? For other people?”

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Allow me to answer those in order:

  1. We still respect science, which is why no one pays attention to mask mandates – there’s nothing scientific about them.
  2. I have no respect for rules that inhibit my freedoms and serve no purpose.
  3. I respect reality. You don’t.
  4. I have absolutely no respect for you at all, and I will pretty much do anything to upset you. Also, I hope I get you sick, but I probably won’t because I have natural immunity from COVID.

The last part is the most important, and I want to be emphatically clear about this – I don’t care if Claude Maddox or anyone of his ilk dies, because they don’t care if I die. Not only that, they WANT me to die as punishment for not joining their mask cult. Here he is cheering on the death of a conservative talk radio guy who died from COVID after refusing to be vaccinated.

“We’re all better off with them removed from the planet.”

At least that guy made people happy. There are human beings out there who turned on the radio to hear what he had to say. Literally no one cares what Claude Maddox thinks about anything, which is why he’s relegated to trolling on townie Facebook groups about the lack of mask enforcement.

He also would like to throw people off of buildings for not wearing masks, and claims to have hidden in his home all year.

Still wanna be polite and respectful to these people? Once you recognize that these people are your enemies and should be treated as such, you’ll be in a much better place.

Claude disowned his own sister for not getting the jab.

Even though he clearly doesn’t believe it works, which is why he feels the need to walk around with a mask on all the time. Except Claude never seems to wear a mask in public when he’s around friends.

It’s OK though, because those towns probably didn’t have mask mandates. COVID only exists in towns where the board of health put in a mask mandate. It’s science. Shut up and respect it.

According to Claude he’s confronted over 20 people, but he only harasses white males at the gym and the lumberyard.

Again, why can’t the Claudes of the world every confront me? I’ve been waiting for the day I got to mock and humiliate one of these people in public, but it just never happens. If you’re going to the gym and telling other people to wear masks then you’re not there to work out, you’re there to be the useless waste of space that you are.

“They stand there defiant, knowing full well everyone else is wearing a mask…”

That about sums it up. Claude knows there’s no scientific rationale to any of this. He’s just a rule follower, and if he has to follow these pointless rules then everyone else should too. There’s no room in society for free thinkers.

Living in Holden I’m next to two municipalities (West Boylston and Worcester) that have mask mandates. I would never, ever wear a mask in any business in either of those towns, and neither should you. If a business owner tells you to wear one politely tell them you’ll gladly spend your money at a competing business in the town next door. The business didn’t put the mask mandate in, but they have a choice to enforce it. Time to start going on the offense and punishing anyone who still subscribes to this madness.



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