Westport Man Who Adopted And Abused 2-Month Old Baby Started An Adoption GoFundMe, Has Been Posting About Joys Of Fatherhood


Fall River Reporter: A 32-year-old Westport man was arrested yesterday afternoon in connection to an ongoing investigation into a serious child abuse case involving a two-month-old child. According to Westport Detective Sergeant Christopher Dunn, Stephen Kegyes was taken into custody and is being charged with three counts of permitting injury to a child, two counts of strangulation and one count of assault and battery on a child with injury. The defendant is an adoptive parent of the infant boy. Westport Police officials were contacted on Sunday and informed the infant was at Boston Children’s Hospital being treated for multiple injuries. On Monday, as the investigation proceeded, detectives obtained video taken from inside the defendant’s Westport residence which shows the defendant abusing the infant on Saturday afternoon. Due to the ongoing nature of the investigation, no further information on the facts of the case are being released by police at this time. Detective Ryan Nickelson was assigned and is continuing to investigate this case. The defendant was booked at the Westport Police Station and was arraigned in Fall River District Court. At arraignment Kegyes was held until a dangerous hearing for Friday January 15, 2021 at the Fall River Justice Center.

This animal strangled a two month old baby. I don’t even understand how that’s possible? What could a two month old do to make you hate them that much? It’s almost more understandable if he sexually abused a child. Those animals are perverts who have a legit brain malfunction that makes them incompatible with civilized society, which is why they must be eliminated. They just can’t help themselves. But Fudgey Phil over here wasn’t even getting off on this. He just enjoys physically abusing a child. This is next level deranged.

There are monsters like this everywhere, and some of them come in good disguises. Stephen Kegyes is one of them. If you go on his wide open Facebook page (pro-tip, if you commit a crime that you know will come with no bail, have someone you know take down your FB page or else it will be flooded with people threatening to kill you) you’ll see that he presents himself as your prototypical, ultra-fabulous world traveler gay man, with a loving husband who couldn’t wait to be a Dad.

He clearly had his husband fooled too, because the husband had no idea and was ultimately the one who called police, according to the Internet.

How you gonna abuse your baby when you know that there’s cameras in your house? Even better question – how you gonna adopt a baby if you need a GoFundMe to adopt a baby?

Newsflash – if you can’t afford to have a baby then you can’t afford to have a baby.

He went through all that trouble and all that red tape and probably paid a lot of money just so he could abuse a baby? He played the loving Dad going back months on Facebook too.

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Meanwhile his Facebook page is filled with left wing virtue signaling and looking down on conservatives who he believes he has some sort of moral high ground over.

Say what you want about Cocaine Mitch, but he never choked out a two month old. Just sayin.

This was a little bit ironic too.

To be clear, I think gay people are more than capable to parent and should be allowed to marry and adopt children. But the “I can parent a child just as well as any birth parent” comment coming from a man who couldn’t even wait 6 months until he started abusing his adopted fruit of another womb, is a bad take.

What’s even more surprising is that he is apparently the bottom in this situation, since he was the one who got proposed to.

Or not. I just assume that whoever gets down on one knee is the alpha in the relationship. My understanding of gay marriage comes largely from watching Modern Family reruns.

Either way, this guy is a monster who deserves to be put away, and I feel bad for his husband who wasted years of his life investing himself into a relationship with a monster. Hopefully he gets to keep the kid and keep the baby safe moving forward.


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