Weymouth Dad Coaches Son To Lie At Rockland Yard Sale About Only Having $80 To Buy Wii That He Resells For $325 On Facebook


This is Michael Goff, AKA Ryan Goff from Weymouth.

As you can see he’s a “look at my fish” guy, which by now has become the rural equivalent of the flat brimmed Chicago Bulls hat.

Ryan frequently buys and sells items online that he finds at yard sales.

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There’s nothing wrong this, since it’s basically how capitalism functions. However, over the weekend he went to a yard sale in Rockland, used his young son as sympathy bait, got the kid to lie to the woman hosting the yard sale in order for her to knock the price down on a gaming console, and then went on to sell it himself online for four times what he paid for it.

Again, I have nothing against flipping purchased yard sale crap online. But the problematic part here is teaching your kid to lie, prey on people’s good will, and scam. Without the boy this woman never would’ve lowered it to that price, and he knew it. He still could’ve made $200 profit by paying the $120 she wanted for it, but he had to be greedy and go for $240.

When asked about it Michael/Ryan insisted his kid was not with him.


Except the home surveillance video shows his child was in fact by his side the entire time and did a significant amount of talking to the women hosting the yard sale.

Imagine this is what you do with your kid on the weekends? The guy knew there would be a gaming console there, got there an hour early in case a rival flipper caught wind of it, and demanded they open up early for him so he could make $40 extra bucks. How much of a loser do you have to be to call this your life? I mean, it’s cool to make some side cash when you can, but this guy plots out yard sales all over the south shore and does this, presumably to avoid getting a real job. If you can make it work by doing it honestly that’s one thing, but teaching your kid to lie is cheating and you deserve to be dragged for that.


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