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Weymouth Freelance Filmmaker Accuses Cindy Chesna Of “Exploiting” Husband’s Death, Organizes Teens To Write “F*** Pigs” In Chalk In Front Of Town Hall


This is Jodi Purdy-Quinland is a Weymouth woman who runs her own “casting company,” and is a “freelance filmmaker” who finds actors to be in frozen pizza commercials.

I am a Freelance Filmmaker involved in casting both principal and extra roles in Hollywood Feature Films, TV Commercials, Music Videos and Indie Films in New England and New York. I am also a Unit Production Manager, Production Coordinator, Locations Scout and Locations Manager providing services on Indie Films and Hollywood Feature Films. My most recent credits include auditioning 100 actors for principal roles in a National Television Commercial of which 15 were selected. The product “American Flatbread Frozen Pizza” will feature local talent who will be seen across the Country!! 

She’s now “retired due to COVID” though, so her glamorous Hollywood days are over.

She fell hard for the viral Michael Cadena scam two years ago, and pretended to care about Michael Chesna and Vera Adams.


Now she’s a historian, environmentalist, and full time woke social justice warrior policing the Internet for things that offend her.

A couple weeks ago she organized a chalk rally in in front of City Hall for black lives matter.

Here’s some of the pictures the teenagers she brought together drew on the sidewalk while she observed.


This week Jodi was one of the people crying about the police using a thin blue line to honor police officers murdered by scum in the line of duty.

You’re not “disturbed.” You’re just a perpetual malcontent with limited abilities looking for something to be offended by.

She also accused Cindy Chesna of “exploiting” her husband’s death by making a Facebook post supporting police officers and bemoaning the lack of reform that came from her personal tragedy.

Nah, that’s not gross. This is gross.


She went on to blame the Weymouth Fire Department for supporting their neighbors in Hingham who were flying the thin blue line flag on a truck.

Anyone who uses the acronym “BIPOC” is trying way too hard to be woke. You sound and look ridiculous, and everyone is laughing at you. Your “BIPOC” neighbors (who don’t exist) don’t live with systemic racism because there’s no such things as systemic racism.

Then she went on to defend Manny Lopes, the murderer who killed Michael Chesna.

Let me answer your stupid questions for you.

1. Manny Lopes was “compelled” to commit such a heinous crime because he was a career criminal. He sold drugs and glamorized hoodrat lifestyle. He didn’t want to go back to jail so he threw a rock at Chesna and killed him. Chesna was compelled not to shoot him because people like Jodi would call him racist if he defended himself. Lopes was brainwashed by the media into thinking that Trump and cops were the enemy. Don’t take my word for it, listen to his own video on IG that he made days before killing Chesna.

2. Why is it when white teenagers murder white teens in public schools; they aren’t held to the same standards of black teens?

Every time someone shoots up a school they are held to the same standard – arrest and lifetime imprisonment. This is quite possibly the stupidest question ever posed in a vain attempt to sound like she had a valid point to be made.


3. Why are black on black deaths a black problem, but white on white deaths are not a white problem?

Both are problems. But only one is brought up because there is no movement called “white lives matter.” Black on black crime is only brought up to combat the black lives matter myth that white cops killing black men happens a lot, when in fact it’s usually black men killing other black men. If there were a movement called “white lives matter” that got mainstream acceptance of billion dollar corporations, the media, and politicians, then I would most certainly bring up the fact that most white people are killed by another white person, not by police.


Jodi’s also upset about the thin blue line flag and thinks it “promotes oppression.”

Jodi, the only thing you’re oppressing is gravity. That flag was around long before “black lives matter” become a multi million dollar marketing catch phrase. Also, both images contain a thin blue line, so you’re just making shit up as you go along because you don’t have an actual point to be made.

According to Jodi the flag is now a symbol of hate because it’s been “abducted” by white supremacists, and she’s got a picture to prove it.

I believe the word she’s looking for is “adopted,” but her inability to grasp the English language pails in comparison to just how God awful her short lived music career was.

For whatever reason the local media has legitimized this woman by writing about her “casting calls,” writing about how her roots go back to the Mayflower, and giving her a platform to talk about whatever environmental project she’s “working on.”

But don’t let any of that fool you. At the end of the day this is just a trashy cow teaching kids that it’s OK to call cops pigs, while pretending that she cares about black people because that’s how you attention starved individuals gain mainstream acceptance these days.


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