Weymouth Man Accused Of Murdering Elderly Marshfield Couple Was Living With Them, Is Friends With Their Son, May Have Their Dog


The manhunt continues for suspected double murderer Chris Keeley, who is accused of killing 70 year old couple Vikki and Carl Mattson in their Marshfield home, but there are some new facts we’ve discovered.

1. Chris Keeley was living at their home in Marshfield as a favor to a family member, but they were trying to kick him out. Prior to killing them he got into an argument with them over a barking dog. 


2. Keeley stole their dog, which is still missing, according to a post made by the Mattson’s daughter Kristin Robinson. She suspects the dog is in Avon, the town where Keeley abandoned the vehicle he stole from her parents. 


3. Keeley is Facebook friends with the Mattson’s son Jeffrey Mattson. In a 2018 Facebook post Jeffrey tagged Keeley’s Facebook account “Chrispy Lynch,” thanking him. A woman named Janey Keeley responded. 


4. Chris Keeley liked a July Facebook post from Mattson, which appears to show licking his ear. Keeley responded to someone who said nice picture by saying “thank you,” and said to Mattson “I love you kid.” Sources tell us they were dating and moved him in to his parent’s home in August. They have since broken up and Jeffrey left for Arizona, according to our sources. 



5. Keeley previously posted on Facebook that he was “strapped up n***a,” and “f*** a gun law.” He was later arrested for violently assaulting and robbing an autistic man he set up with his friends, and in 2020 was arrested while driving around with a stolen gun. These are lyrics from a Lil Wayne song. 



6. Days before they were murdered the Mattsons spent Thanksgiving at their daughter’s house with their grandchildren. They were found deceased 5 days later. 


7. A 2009 Facebook post shows Jeffrey Mattson and his sisters outside of the 75 Gotham Hill Rd home in Marshfield where their parents were murdered. 


8. The police found their bodies after a wellness check. According to a commenter on Facebook who goes by Jeremey Alt Shipp, Keeley told his friends he committed the crime a few days ago, and they were the ones who reported the welfare check. We reached out to the Jeremy Shipp but have not heard back. Jeremy posted a screenshot of what he says is a text message from his brother, who said that he was detained overnight by police, interrogated, and agreed to testify against Keeley.  


9. A 2017 Facebook post from a friend asked where Keeley was. Someone responded that he was in jail, and Keeley later responded that the man was a CO. 


10. A Jeffrey Mattson has multiple criminal charges in Plymouth District Court, which serves Marshfield. 


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