Weymouth Promoter Rapper Proves He’s “Getting That Bread” By Filming Court Side At Celtics Game Before Being Asked To Move Out Of Dave Portnoy’s Seats


This is Devon Matthews from Weymouth, the self-proclaimed CEO of something called “handsome hustle promotions.”


You haven’t really made it in life until you ask your home slice in the bathroom to remove his mask and take a picture of you posing in front of a mirror.

As you can tell from the custom made belt buckle and the Christmas lights in Mom’s kitchen, MC Short Stack is just a young king living lavishly whose primary goals in life are to reach the stage where he can officially refer to himself as “fly,” and to “get money” so he can “focus on my people’s an my money.”


His entire operation appears to be him going to the club and taking selfies with marginal professional athletes, rappers, and big bosomed women when he catches them coming out of the bathroom.

Like any true baller MC Short Stack films promotional birthday videos for himself in an asbestos infested Weymouth basement with 2 other people,  a semi-functional toilet, chairs stolen from the VFW, a washer and dryer, Ann Frank’s bedroom, promises of strippers who likely never showed up, and garage beerpong and chill.


Most ballers go to the after party when the club closes down and get their swerve on with coked out Quincy 7’s whose goal in life is to be a backup dancer on a YouTube video with at least 10,000 views. Not Devon though, he gets Chinese food with his homie who looks like he fell asleep in a construction zone and got his face run over by an asphalt paver.


He’s not just a promoter though, he’s also a rapper who vows to “beat triggas bar for bar” and mostly raps about all the hoes who be giving him the full Kamala.


As part of his business it’s important for Devon to project that he leads the life of a baller. So the other night on Snapchat he posted a video of himself at the Celtics game sitting courtside with his homie of the week.

Just in case you didn’t think that he “get bread,” he needed to make it clear that a typical day in the life consists of him sitting court side with DJ Mandate, who he calls “young boy,” for some “official n***a shit.”

In the video he takes great offense to those who believe he isn’t in fact getting that money.

“Y’all be hating asking does he get paid?”

But does he in fact “be getting paid?” It appears not, as minutes after this Snapchat was posted Dave Portnoy and his 20 year old bootleg Kardashian girlfriend of the week walked over and told him to get out of his seats.

Just keeping them warm for you baby girl.

Sadly it appears that his belt buckle isn’t performing its primary task of keeping his pants up.

Not sure if that selfie is gonna make an appearance on his IG, but he did respond to the controversy.

Oh OK. So he was only in those seats, pretending they were his, because he was filming his next big promotional rap video, or something. Turns out him and DJ Mandate’s seats were actually in a different section of the court side, so he does in fact still “get bread.”

Anyway, if MC Short Stack would like to come on the Live Show this weekend to defend his honor and set the record straight he’s welcome to message me on Facebook at Clarence Woods Emerson, or email [email protected].



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