Weymouth Street Toughs Admit To Robbing Man 4 Times, Then Assault Him On Film While Shouting Racial And Homophobic Slurs  


A viral video from Weymouth depicting a couple street toughs assaulting a rival they apparently had robbed previously ended up in our inbox several times today. There’s hard, and then there’s Weymouth hard. The following is an example of Weymouth hard.

If you mess around with Brillo Pad Bobby and Petey Perpetratin, this will be the last thing you ever see!!

Mofo will kill you with socks and sandals while live streaming on IG!!

For a couple gringos they sure felt comfortable using the n word, along with a variety of gay slurs.

“I will beat the brick off of you dirty ass n***a. Know that. B**** ass n***a.”

Petey Perpatratin hasn’t got a haircut all quarantine, and he is not in the mood for crusty ho’s.

These two young men, who apparently took a wrong turn in Quincy and ended up in this parking lot, admitted to robbing the camera man “like four times” according to Brillo Pad Bobby. They also dented his car and never paid for the damages, which is shocking because they seem like people.

Petey Perpatratin’s real name is Peter Mosel. He likes to pretend like he’s from Boston, but really he’s just your run of the mill south shore wegro with a GED participation trophy.

Brillo Pad Bobby’s government name is Tommy Countie. And if you think for a second that he’s in any sort of trouble after going viral in a video like this, just understand that this is the guy he calls Dad.

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Nuff said.

Dad’s name is also Tommy Countie. This is what you look like when you’ve never left Weymouth aside from a couple stints in lockup.

That right there is the face of a man whose sole goal in life is to one day have his son inherit the title of “toughest guy in Weymouth,” and hold it for at least a month straight.

Back when Big Tommy Countie was his son’s age he stabbed another Weymouth High School student. He was a juvenile at the time so his records aren’t public, and since then he’s stuck to less serious crimes such as open and gross lewdness.

Based on his son’s Facebook posts, I’m quite sure that young Tommie is making his father proud. From the shoutouts to the homies who were taken too soon.

To the flagrant use of the n word in reference to his dead African-American “friends.”

To his calling out of snitches.

References to gang life.

Glamorization of several hundred dollars while having no savings whatsoever.

Brillo Pad Bobby is making his father quite proud indeed.

BPB decided to make an appearance on the Everything Weymouth Facebook group to explain why it was OK to admit to robbing someone multiple times, smashing into his car, and tell him “f*** your car.”

His friend was stabbed, and you’ll have to watch a three second video showing a cut on an unidentified white boy’s arm to believe him. You’ll never guess who showed up to defend his honor.

Oh snap!! It’s Money Mike Cadena!!

He’s apparently out of jail after doing six months in Illinois for kidnapping his son, taking him to Weymouth, refusing to go back to Illinois for court dates, exploiting the child in a viral YouTube video, defying a judge’s orders not to discuss the custody battle publicly, and starting a page of 28K idiotic women who they milked with a $38K GoFundMe that is still active. Oh, and he was once convicted on attempted murder charges too.

Bristol Blarney wrote those Cadena blogs. Her obsession with him was well deserved because he’s terrible, but it also makes sense now why she was obsessed with him – she got off on finding someone who was arguably a worse parent than she was. Arguably.

Money Mike is childhood friends with Big Tommy Countie, since they both have an affinity for breaking the law. Money Mike attempted to give Brillo Pad Bobby some advice, and insinuated that the guy in the video deserved what he got for allegedly stabbing BPB’s 13 year old friend.

And then the guy who is most famous for kidnapping his own son and using him as a pity ATM lectured other parents on how to avoid public embarrassment.

Yea, it would be a real shame if a 4 year old was exploited on social media, right Money Mike?

Brillo Pad Bobby has had about enough of the “old heads” over on Facebook talking badly about him, so he’s about to delete his account.

But something tells me we haven’t seen the last of him.


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