Weymouth Woman Assaults Boyfriend With Phone She Was Using To Record Him Performing Oral Sex, Flees Police, Previously Featured On TB


Over the weekend a woman was arrested after assaulting her boyfriend in Weymouth, and the description of her sounds very familiar. Try to figure out which previously featured upstanding individual was behind this crime.

Known to lie to police, faked her own kidnapping?

Creating fake Facebook names that claim to be her sister, which exist specifically to praise her real account and share a GoFundMe that she created in order to make it look like someone else was supporting her fraud about stolen fetus ashes?

The kind of woman who isn’t afraid to attack a man, run off in her Jeep, and then tell the cops she’s not coming back to the scene of the crime?  I can’t imagine who would ever do something like that.

I wonder if it would be the same kind of woman who would steal someone else’s pictures of their baby and husband from North Carolina, use them to create a fake Facebook page, and then use the name and work history of a Boston nurse to make it seem like she’s a local?

The kind of chick who would come onto our live show and then fake her own kidnapping and abduction at the 47:45 mark?

Who would EVER do such things????

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Oh, hello Amber Carmark! Back so soon? I see someone is gearing up for a top seed in this year’s Ratchet Madness tournament.

According to a former friend who she recently burned bridges with, the latest incident began with some cunnilingis gone wrong.

Don’t you hate when you’re “muff diving” and the girl starts to record it and then beats you with the phone she’s recording you with? And of course she admits in writing that she lied to the police about being pregnant because she believed this would somehow make her more sympathetic. Although hitting him with a detergent bottle seems like overkill.

Now that she’s assaulted boyfriend with several household objects it’s probably going to be difficult for her to sell his prescription meds.

She’s going to need some new revenue streams now, so maybe she’ll have to go back to escorting.

Luckily there are no shortage of Methuen foot fetish parties that pay $120 an hour and don’t require a 1099.

I don’t know what Amber’s next move is, but I’m pretty confident this won’t be the last we hear from her before tournament time.


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