Weymouth Woman Stabs And Kills Aspiring Crip While Ignoring Social Distancing Guidelines 


Wicked LocalA Weymouth woman was held without bail after being arraigned on a murder charge Monday. Kelsey Debello, 26, was arraigned via a teleconference through Quincy District Court after Weymouth police said she fatally stabbed 19-year-old Ryan M. Martin in a wooded area on Thursday night. Debello was arraigned from the Weymouth Police Station where she has been held since Friday. Prosecutors said police were called to the scene at about 10 p.m. after the stabbing. Martin was then taken to South Shore Hospital where he died.

Norfolk County Assistant District Attorney Carolyn Healy said during the arraignment that the victim was stabbed once in the back during a gathering in a wooded area near Colonels Drive. Healy said witnesses told police that Debello was “yelling and screaming” at the victim, whom she knew, before she took out a knife that was five to six inches long and stabbed him. Debello then ran off, according to police, and was found at a friend’s in Hanover on Friday and arrested.

Maybe Team Lockdown was right after all – if we don’t practice social distancing then people will get killed. Except it won’t be by a virus eating up grandma’s lungs, it’ll be a flat brimmed guttermuppet from Weymouth stabbing you in the back….ON HER BIRTHDAY!!

Perhaps she should’ve taken her own advice.

Details from what transpired in the woods vary from person to person, but it seems to be a consensus that this young woman is of questionable character and has a propensity for associating herself with junior hoodboogers.

Kelsey DeBello is a 26 year old woman who drinks with 19 year olds in the woods during pandemics, so obviously she has life by the balls. Real shame she had to throw her life away like that.

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Speaking of tragedies, the “victim” sure seemed like he was a productive member of society looking to do great things with his life.



Oh look, he uses the n word freely and substitutes the letter c instead of k like the real crips do. He’s in a gang now.

Although if you die after joining a gang it should probably be at the hands of a rival gang member. Getting stabbed in the back by a crazy woman in the woods will not help your Weymouth street legacy.

Some may say that all life is precious. Not me. This kid chose to play with fire and got burnt. If your 19 year old son is posting stuff like this on Facebook it’s because you failed as a parent. You encouraged this since he was a kid.

I’m sure many will whine that this is insensitive and controversial, but it’s the truth. Dad immediately got the fundraiser going.

And started posting threatening, nonsensical crap on Facebook like any grieving father.

This was hours after the kid was stabbed to death. We all grieve differently, but if these are the images you choose to memorialize his son:

Then you have raised your child with no values.

Some may call this blog insensitive, but I hope if just one parent out there sees their child posting like this on Facebook and intervenes then they can be saved.


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