WGBH Radio Personality Posts Pictures Of Kids Walking With Parents In West Roxbury For Not Wearing Masks, Demands To Know Names And Threatens Them With Surveillance


Henry Santoro is a long time WGBH radio personality who currently lives in South Brookline.

WGBH is a taxpayer funded media outlet that employs a bunch of ideologically similar “journalists” who could never get jobs at a radio station that actually cared about delivering ratings. They pay some of their employees like Jim Braude and Emily Rooney hundreds of thousands of dollars despite having almost no audience, because they are funded by your tax dollars and don’t need ad revenue to keep themselves afloat.

Henry Santoro lives on the city line between Boston and Brookline, and since masks are now “mandated” in Boston he decided to take pictures of a family of four on the Boston side, and post them on the Next Door app for the purpose of naming and shaming them due to their lack of masks.

“Please know your’e being watched.”

This has become an acceptable, normal thing for people to say thanks to Charlie Baker, Marty Walsh, and Team Lockdown.

This creepy old man admits that he stood in his window and hollered at a mother and father out for a walk with their 3 and 5 year old crotch fruits. They were probably confused and frightened and didn’t know how to respond this lunatic. Consequently he began taking pictures of them in order to post them online, find out their names, and presumably ruin their lives for the crime of not wearing masks.

Keep in mind, they were outside. The mandate not require you to have a mask on if you are outside and six feet away from people you don’t live with. You are in no danger of contracting the virus while outside, and they are not near other people. It’s borderline child abuse to force a 3 year old to smother themselves with a mask and tell them we need to protect them from breathing in a virus that will kill them. How are they supposed to sleep at night knowing that?

But people like Henry Santoro don’t care about kids so much as they do about themselves. If they cared about kids than they never would’ve supported a lockdown that removed them from school and locked them in homes with domestic abusers in order to hide from a bug that poses no threat to children. Henry Santoro on the other hand is more likely to die if he gets it, because he’s old, fat, and at risk. Sorry, but we shouldn’t be shutting down the world because this laardvark decided not to exercise his entire life.


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Henry is now a realtor for Hammond Residential Real Estate.

Whatever you do, please DO NOT share your feelings about this realtor on their Facebook page. Although I personally wouldn’t want to buy a house form a man who takes pictures of other people’s children in order to name and shame them on social media, some people might.


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