Wheaton Student And Mother Alert Police After Trump Supporters Post Pictures Of Her Shaking Rump In Their Direction During Peaceful Rally  


This is Brigid Butler, a Wheaton College student and graduate from Maconomet Regional High School in Boxford.

And yes, her parents did choose to name her Brigid, rather than Bridgette, possibly because they didn’t want to assume her gender.

Over the weekend in Norton a Trump rally was held, and Wheaton College students decided to crash it because they believe that supporting the incumbent candidate for President is unacceptable. Frigid Bridid was one of these students, and they once again showed that Trump supporters were on the side of normalcy.

“All cops are bastards” and “Revolution.”

Because nothing says “I’m a revolutionary who hates the po-lease” quite like attending a private college that costs $54,000 a year.

According to witnesses a student in a green costume went to the Trump side and was harassing the crowd (most of which were over the age of 40 and many of which were elderly), and someone threw a beverage or something liquid at a Trump supporter that was leaving with her 80 year old mom.

Frigid Brigid was quite proud of the way she handled herself and posted a video on Facebook of herself shaking her baby maker at the Trump supporters.

Because when you don’t have a valid point to make it’s always productive to just show them your rump.

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Some Trump supporters posted pictures of this on Facebook in order to provide contrast between their behavior and the behavior of the Biden Bros.

That’s one way to court the Latino vote I suppose.

You’d think that since Frigid Brigid posted this video proudly on Facebook that she wouldn’t be embarrassed of her behavior. But instead she’s whining that people posted her parole bait booty images on Facebook.

She’s really upset that someone women threw money at her too.

How dare you treat her like a stripper when she’s (check notes) emulating a stripper!

She’s also going to the cops (while protesting alongside people holding signs that say “all cops are bastards”) as well as the Facebook police to remove pictures of her that she posed for in broad daylight, and posted herself on Facebook. She made it clear that she is the wrong person to tangle with.

Uhoh, we got a Poly Sci major here! Mess around and she might raise your taxes! I’m sure this video of her shaking her cheeks at a political rally will totally not be used against her if she decides to run for office one day. Using the threat of obtaining political power while uttering phrases like “you’ll regret” for the sole purpose of getting revenge on peaceful protesters is sadly on brand for the Democratic Party in 2020.

And Brigid, if you thought what they did was so bad that you went to the police to get a harassment order because your images were posted in a private Facebook group with a hundred followers, something tells me you’re not going to like this blog very much at all. I apologize for nothing, and will not bill your parents for this crash course in how the First Amendment works.

As for her political career, you don’t want to cross her. Trust me, she’s been working on a big project in her intro to political science class and she can prove that Trump (gasp) lied during the debate!

No politician has ever lied before. Ever. Trump thought he could get away with it, but little did he know that a woman in Norton, Massachusetts was sitting in her dorm room, writing down everything he said, and using Google to verify his statements.


I know one man who is mildly aroused from her “fact checking” and booty shaking.

She was also furious with one of the Trump supporters for mimicking her by allegedly grabbing his own breasts and shaking his behind in her direction.

Only she may grab her gerber servers and twerk her spunk bank at political opponents. It’s harassment when other people do it. Kind of like how she’s expressing her First Amendment rights, but when other people mock her online they need to be arrested.

In a normal world we would all just point and laugh at these people for being so hilariously stupid. But in the insane world we’re living in today, where men are women, cops are evil, and a virus with a 99.99% recovery rate can shut down a $20 trillion economy, Frigid Brigid had plenty of supporters. One of them was Gina Rose Napolitano.

Nuff said.

If Gina looks familiar it’s because she was featured on TB in February of 2019 when a Norton College student was arrested for setting 6 separate fires in a Wheaton dorm. Gina ran to the plus sized serial arsonist’s defense when people were criticizing her, and threatened to go to the cops (who she wants abolished).

Gina once again saw a Wheaton student behaving badly and had to rush to her defense. This time she tore into a woman for calling Frigid Brigid a whore just because she was exhibiting intentionally provocative whorish behavior in the woman’s direction.

Gina has graduated Wheaton, and has gone on to get a good job and become a productive member of society.

LOL. Just kidding. She works for Teach for America.

TFA is a massive non-profit that has gotten significant help from both the right and the left.

TFA enjoyed the vigorous support of the Obama administration, which gave the wealthy organization $50 million in 2010 (as did the ultra conservative, anti-union Walton Family Foundation). In addition, TFA placed its alums on the staff of every member of the Senate and House education committees, thanks to the generosity of a California billionaire named Arthur Rock, who are then in a position to protect TFA’s interests as well as funding for charter schools. 

They basically take people like Gina, who are completely unqualified, inexperienced, have no intention of being teachers, and get them to work for less money in order to undermine teacher’s unions.

Teach for America and its allies in the education reform community lobbied the government, and in 2002, the Department of Education issued a regulation that said “highly qualified” teachers could now also include unlicensed teachers for up to three years if they were making progress toward their certification. This effectively resolved the problem for Teach For America, as most program recruits planned to leave the classroom at the end of their assignment anyway.

Someone may want to tell her that she’s working for one of the most anti-labor, anti-teacher organizations that has ever existed.  But it’s cool because she gets to take pictures with black kids.

She cares.

She’s also got a new boomer boyfriend and they get a BOGO deal by going to the same barber.

And finally Frigid Brigid’s Mom chimed in too. Gail Butler isn’t a regular mom, she’s a cool mom.

First she messaged the OP.

“As someone who was expressing her first amendment rights this past weekend, I would think you would at least have the maturity to accept when someone else chooses to do so as well.”

Posting public images of your aspiring poly sci stripper daughter for the purposes of criticizing her is the definition of expressing your First Amendment rights. And no, your grown child did not “choose to do” what the Trump supporters were doing. She chose to take it to the next level and got called out for it. Welcome to freedom.

Then she posted on Brigid’s Facebook page, saying she was “appalled” by the way her daughter was treated, and pointing out that twerking is not a crime.

Notice nowhere did she suggest that her daughter perhaps could’ve expressed her political opinions in a different manner, rather than gyrating her ghetto booty in the direction of peaceful protesters. Instead she blames other people for simply documenting it and expressing their disgust at the way they were treated. It’s starting to make sense how her daughter became this much of a brat in the first place.

This is basically the state of the left right now. Nothing is ever their fault, they are always the victim, and anyone who criticizes them should be arrested and banned from social media platforms.


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