White Guy From Amherst Who Opened Up Gym In Dorchester To Keep Kids Off The Streets Gets Pulled Over With 14 Year Old Carrying Loaded Gun And Wanted On Warrants For Carjacking 


This is Jon Feinman from Amherst.

He’s a SJW with a white savior complex who founded an organization called InnerCity Weightlifting in Boston. According to his bio he is “focused on aligning the vision, strategy, culture and growth of ICW to increase economic mobility and social capital for young people at the highest-risk for violence; all while flipping power-dynamics, shifting perceptions, and challenging the social norms that keep people apart based on surface level indicators in order to disrupt the systems of segregation, isolation, and racism that lead not only to violence, but also chronic poverty, inequity, and health discrepancies that change dramatically from one zip code to the next.”

Whatever that means.

He subscribes to the Ayanna Pressley school of thought that racist laws incarcerate too many people of color, and he believes his gym is the way to fix that.

On Monday he was in a car that was pulled over by Boston Police on Blue Hill Ave in Roxbury with two of the kids he mentors. One of them was 14 year old Dejuan Mitchell, who just so happened to have a felony straight warrant for carjacking and carrying a firearm without a license and misdemeanor default warrant for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle. They also found a Taurus G2C 9MM loaded with 9 Rounds of ammunition in the magazine and 1 round in the chamber in the waistband of his sweatpants.


Traffic Stop Leads to Arrest of Juvenile for Outstanding Warrants & Possession of Firearm

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And that right there is why you shouldn’t be allowed to open up an inner city gym unless you’re actually from the inner city. There’s a 0.0% chance Dennis “Cutty” Wise would’ve ever put up with that nonsense in his gym. The second Michael started acting a fool he got thrown right back into the open arms of Chris and Snoop.

Not Jon though. He doesn’t quite get the streets yet. According to one of the guys interviewed around the 5 minute mark of this video he actually drove into gang infested neighborhoods to recruit the worst of the worst.

Which is the exact same thing Dennis Wise did in The Wire when he went into Hamsterdam to pick up 14 year olds and bring them back to his gym.


I kind of feel bad even writing this because he actually seems like a nice guy and is probably doing more to combat violence in Boston than Monica Cannon-Grant is with a non-profit called Violence In Boston. But on the other hand this is really hilarious the more you think about it. White liberal who thinks he understands urban culture because he watched The Wire and thinks that incarceration isn’t the solution to gun violence, naively believes that simply opening up a gym will keep kids from becoming felons. And for some it might actually work, and it’s a noble venture. But maybe don’t let the kid who’s wanted for carjacking and carrying a firearm without a license in your car that you forgot to renew the registration for 7 months ago. You can be a gangbanger or gym rat, but you can’t be both at the same time.


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