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White Knights Rush To Defend Worcester Parents Who Abandoned Their Kids To Live In Tent And Are Looking For Handouts


This is Chantel Ryan, originally from Palmer.

She was thriving in Worcester’s booming panhandling economy, but has fallen on tough times and needs a bunch of stuff to pimp out her tent for the winter. So she posted this on several area Facebook pages, because of course the homeless have iPhones and data plans.

You might be inclined to feel bad for a person like this because it’s hard to imagine yourself fending off rats in a tent. But this is America, and not only is it almost impossible to find yourself in this position, there’s also a million and one resources at her disposal that she’s not taking advantage. Chantel is basically choosing this lifestyle and has been doing it for years.

In fairness, the only difference between her, Gaby Petito and Brian Laundrie is that this Worcester Wanker Spanker doesn’t have an IG account with 200,000 followers. What she fails to mention is that she’s a junkie who abandoned her kids, has family that’s there to support her, and doesn’t take any help offered to her because she prefers getting plowed by her flat brimmed boyfriend Michael Lebeau from Spencer in their rat infested tent.

“You know my name but not my story.”

That’s technically true, but I do have a good guess. Shitbag raids his mother’s medicine cabinet, gets a bad OC habit, grows a chinstrap, starts doing heroin because it’s cheaper, acquires Google trophies, never grows out of calling friend “yo kid,” purchases flat brimmed hat – BOOM – living in a tent in Worcester. Funny she didn’t mention him in her post because people would be less likely to help her out if she chose the D over taking care of her kids.

She claims that it’s unsafe to live in a shelter.

Meanwhile she plans on living in a tent throughout the harsh New England winter, and she got kicked out of the shelter for doing drugs.

She also seems to acquire shoes and other clothing items all the time that she’s able to sell on these same yard sale pages.

She keeps them in storage, because of course she has a spare storage facility she keeps around.

Pro tip – if you’re gonna sell “your” old stuff, make sure you take the price tag off so people don’t realize that they can get it for cheaper at Marshalls.

Unfortunately her tent partner is not supportive of her ecommerce dreams.

“When my son needs stuff like JUICE and whatever he needs then I will do whatever I have to make sure he’s good.”

Yea, that’s all a kid needs – juice. Not a parent who lives with them, raises them, and is there for them emotionally. Just throw them a juicebox once in a while and you can pretend that you’re a real parent too.

A bunch of people offered her jobs on her various posts.

She didn’t respond to any of the dozens of job offers she received from her post, and instead blamed them for not messaging her, claiming that she’s willing to work.

The only people worse than scammers are the enablers who tell you that you’re a bad person if you rightfully point out that slugpumps like this. For instance Renee Doyle suggested that the job offer was no good because she didn’t have any transportation. When she found out that transportation was available Renee said that she was unwilling to carpool to work with strangers.

Because people living in tents can afford to be picky like that. Better just never get a job and live perpetually off of donations solicited on Facebook. Then again, Renee likes Mayor Pete, who also has a tendency to use bullshit excuses not to show up to work, so I guess she has a type.

A lot of people who never dealt with junkies before were saying stuff like that.

Oh no, no one has EVER found themselves in a situation like this before. Whatever will she do?

  1. She stays at the shelter, stops doing drugs, and cleans herself there.
  2. She lists any address, just get the job first.
  3. She takes the bus or walks or takes the rides offered to her. Or you give her a ride on your horse.
  4. She washes her clothes at the laundromat like other people do who don’t have washers and driers.
  5. The money comes from her job.

Another woman said that she offered food and a social worker to the Wanker Spanker that she turned down. But according to Meredith Tarr “she said she tried,” therefore she did.

Yea, stop pointing out to people who are inclined to help that they are enabling a drug addicted, scamming liar who abandoned her children to live in a tent with her waste of space sperm donor while his parents raise the kids. Chantel said she tried getting a job and staying out a shelter, so we should just take her word for it that she can’t find one in an economy where employers are dying to find new workers.

The biggest white knight of them all (and there were hundreds) was this spry looking prison bait.


Conor Carlson is from Auburn, and he had no shortage of ready made excuses for why this homeless woman couldn’t work and was able to sell shoes on the same Facebook where she was begging for free stuff.

Spoiler alert – everything she’s selling was shoplifted. Obviously. And she didn’t just become homeless, she’s been living in a tent for years now.

Listen to the homeless expert from Auburn.

When I say this squirmy fella had a list of excuses for her that she never made for herself, I wasn’t kidding:

“You live in a bubble.” – Guy who isn’t old enough to remember 9/11, and has never came in contact with a junkie so he has absolutely no idea that they will lie, steal, and cheat to gain sympathy and free stuff from people like him (even though there’s almost no chance Conor gave a thing).

“Maybe she doesn’t want food cooked by a stranger.”

Yea, she’s in a fine position to decide who cooks her free food.

“Let me ask you, do you know anyone who was in this position?”

Yes, and unlike you I understand how heroin works. You’re not the good person you think you are because you enable a junkie.

The people defending junkies who tell you that you can’t pass judgement or ask questions are some of the most self righteous knobs on the Internet. But one thing they all in common is not one of them would ever let someone like Chantel Ryan sleep at her house for a night.


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