White Shrewsbury QCC Grad Using Avatar Of Black Man Lectures Facebook Group About Racism, BLM Cultists Demand White People Listen To Him


Black lives do in fact matter, but BLM the organization has become a cult. We all agree that black lives matter. No one ever said otherwise, and the data proves that there is no epidemic of unarmed black men being killed by police. But there is a never ending competition amongst white people to keep proving that they’re one of the “good ones.” And the easiest way to prove that you deserve the respect and adoration of people of color is to put down other white people for not being sufficiently woke, while simultaneously seeking the approval of every lunatic who would otherwise accuse you of being racist.

I’ve seen this coming for years and nothing better illustrates it than the Evergreen State riots tin 2017. This three part documentary on what happened to liberal professor Bret Weinstein is must see YouTube. Watch what happens starting at the 14:00 mark when faculty is forced to get in the diversity canoe. White employees were literally forced to condemn their whiteness before getting in the canoe in can what can best be described by a cult initiation.

No one would dare speak out against it or they’d faith the wrath of the bully mob. This is a cult.

BLM has won the culture war when places like Barstool Sports are fully on board and raising money for rioters and looters. They’ve won the culture war when the media refers to looters as peaceful protesters. They’ve won the culture war when suburban white people feel the need to establish that they they support looters more than other white people.

You see this all over social media, but an exchange that happened in a Shrewsbury Facebook group was the perfect example of what happens when wokeness goes up for auction. It began with this post.

John Cusolito was upset with Shrewsbury residents for not sufficiently vocalizing how sad and upset they are about the murder of a man 1,500 miles from here. They won’t stand for people posting about missing dogs, because missing dogs aren’t as important as a guy being killed in Minnesota by a rogue cop. This is how it always starts with the BLM cult. One person demands that simple minded white people embarrass themselves by owning up to their white privilege and they all jump in line to humiliate themselves. They convince themselves that they might actually be racist and suggest that they can fix this problem by “listening” to black and brown people, and they fall in line like sheep to out woke each other.

John Cusolito’s credibility on race issues came from the fact that he appears to be a black man.

And since Shrewsbury is 3% black, nobody wanted to be the one to publicly disagree with him. Shrewsbury is the wealthiest immediate Worcester suburb with an Asian population approaching 20%, largely due to many Indian-Americans who work in the Worcester hospitals across the lake.

Except there’s just one problem – this is John Cusolito.

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An 80’s throwback rock and roll white boy whose parents had to convince him not to drop out of high school so that he could grow up to become a Papa Gino’s delivery boy and lecture other people about racism.

Apparently all you need to be black in Shrewsbury is an avatar, so when people disagreed with John they were called out for having an opinion that ran contrary to the opinion of a black guy.

This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in quite some time.

Does Barb have any grandkids who can get her off the Internet? I’m embarrassed for her.

Nevertheless the white folk fell in line like good cult members do when they see a post like this. The language is as cultish as you get.

“We are all complicit if we are not doing our job as white folks to make sure our fellow white folks are doing their part.”

You all live in Shrewsbury by choice. You intentionally chose to live across a body of water from black people in Worcester, and you were willing to pay a higher cost of living to do so in order to avoid them.

Watching these people try to out-woke each other is an amazing spectacle to watch.

Good news Heather – according to the data black mothers don’t have to worry about their kids getting killed by racist cops. It’s an epidemic that doesn’t exist.

Nothing these people pretend to believe is real. They just spit out things they saw on memes and eat up narratives that the media feeds to them.

There’a nothing that triggers white people like this more than someone saying “all lives matter.”

Black men aren’t being murdered by cops. A total of 9 unarmed black men were killed in a country with 40 million black people in it in 2019. But when you point this out the Becky’s come out and try to use you as a way to elevate themselves.

A woman named Kristine, who I met years ago because she was one of the people standing in subzero weather outside of Laughlin Kennel in order to advocate for the mistreated dogs inside, pointed out that the Shrewsbury Police do a dangerous job well.

Kristine is also a little person, so whatever daily life struggles LeBron James faces pale in comparison to the obstacles she has to overcome. But these cult members told her she wasn’t allowed to have opinions because she’s white.

White privilege? You know what’s a privilege? Not being born with Dwarfism. Kristine doesn’t need or probably want me to advocate for her right now, but it’s just enraging that these virtue signaling narcissists are belittling someone like her because the obstacles she faces every day aren’t as numerous as what Oprah has to deal with. This is Shivani Kumar.

As you can see, she’s Indian-American, and no racial group has more “privilege” than Indian-Americans, largely because they tend to work extremely hard and value education. It’s why their median income is more than $40K a year higher than the closest demographic. She’s a college student who knows nothing about reality or living around black people, and she’s lecturing a grown adult about how her daily struggles don’t compare to the token black people she imagines in her head.

These three college coeds were giving it to her too.


Nine is a number.

Michael Brown tried taking a cops gun and killing him.

There is no city called St. Anthony.

She doesn’t live in a society that’s designed to oppress her? Try being her for a day and then come and talk about how easy it is you overprivileged twat.

Imagine how dumb you’d have to be to get lectured about your privilege by a 20 year old college student who’s had everything in life handed to her.

Kristine wasn’t the only one getting lectured by a bunch of morons who learned about race relations from Google.

And of course they go out of their way to make excuses for looting and rioting too. Turns out it’s the cops’ fault. Just ask the white QCC grad who pretends to be black so he can lecture white people about racism.

You weren’t even allowed to say that destroying other people’s businesses were bad, even if you followed it up with “black lives matter.”

Calm down Barb. I can tell you’ve been reading the New York Times, but this is still your immediate social group.

Here’s an idea Barb – if you want to prove to the world you’re not a racist, maybe you should try hanging around with black people you’ve spent your entire life avoiding.

According to Bridgette Hylton, “Lives > property,” which is easy to say when your home and business aren’t set aflame by rioters. But it’s OK I guess because Bridgette Hylton is an oppressed minority or something. This is her.

This is her sister Elizabeth making George Floyd deaths entirely about her.

This is where their family lives.

Question – how much would either of the Hylton sisters pay to trade places with me? If I have privilege it has to be worth something right? Because I’d take being black and growing up in a house like that any day of the week. So how bout you cut the crap about how oppressed you are for two minutes, stop talking about how you need white people to do more for you, and stop encouraging people to destroy other people’s jobs, homes, and businesses from your comfortable world in Shrewsbury.


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