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White West Roxbury Med Student Says He’s The Victim Of Systemic Racism After Not Receiving Free Stuff In Facebook Group Because His Wife Is Black


This is Daniel Murimi-Worstell, a med student at Tufts and aspiring folk musician.

He’s the guy who shows up to the house party with a guitar and then starts playing it uninvited around the fire so that people feel awkward and unsure of whether or not they’re supposed to stop talking and listen.

Daniel serves his community by lecturing other people on Facebook about how they can “life black voices” for the anti-racist struggle, and had a tendency to fall for viral hoaxes during the Trump administration.

Daniel is a member of a West Roxbury Facebook group where members can post items they not longer want and give them to other people. Sometimes they choose to give them to the first person who comments, and other times they use raffles to randomly choose. But Daniel believes the group is racist because no one is picking him for free stuff.

This man is the victim of systemic racism because no one is picking him for their giveaway junk.

Makes sense.

What he failed to point out in his post is that his wife is black, which means that he too can now claim to be the victim of racism.

When he goes to ask for free stuff from people in this group the racist members must be clicking on his profile picture, taking note that he’s in an interracial relationship, and saying to themselves, “I was inclined to give him my kid’s Paw Patrol bike, but now that I see he’s married to a black woman he can go fuck himself.”

He offered suggestions for how to make the group less racist.

How bout this instead Daniel. People giving away free things can give them to whoever they feel like giving them to, and you’ll have no say in any of it since the stuff they’re giving away never belonged to you in the first place.

He just couldn’t stop whining about not getting free stuff though.

Someone pointed out that being wrongly accused of racism like this could feel almost as bad as being the victim of racism, which is entirely accurate. This made Knob Dylan angry.

Some members of this mostly female group attempted to defend themselves to the white man who was accusing them of systemic racism.

But according to Danny they were “jumping down his throat,” and he began to lecture them about their unconscious bias.

Instead of being mocked as he should’ve been other members of the group agreed with him. 

Good point Erika. We must listen to BIPOC folks.

Turns out he’s actually white, but it’s OK because he’s speaking on behalf of black people everywhere who are upset that he’s not getting free stuff in a women’s Facebook group.

Tonya had his back.

Thank you for your service Becky the Brave.

People like this should be relentlessly mocked and laughed at. They are nothing but bullies who weaponize race to try to get free stuff in Facebook. Don’t waste a minute of your time trying to refute them because to do so would be to take their position seriously, and they are not serious people.



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